Thursday, May 15, 2014

Agents of SHIELD 1x22 Season Finale - A New Level of Awesome

Well, the season finale of SHIELD has cemented this show into one of my all time favorites -- not surprising since I love almost everything Joss Whedon does. Okay, I might have been a bit biased at the beginning because of that fact alone, but if you've watched the last few episodes of SHIELD, you can't tell me they weren't just a little bit awesome... or A LOT awesome!
Okay, so some people might have been a tad upset to discover Ward was really Hydra, but I absolutely love it! Ward isn't a bad guy, but he's turned out to be one of those gray characters I adore. He's a good guy who picked the wrong path and got a bit lost in the darkness.
We got definite glimpses of that this week when he made the confession to Raina that he couldn't get Skye back because she thought he was a monster. Raina asked the question; was Ward really a monster, or was he simply what Garrett made him into?
The cracks really started to show when Ward admitted that he didn't care about Hydra, and actually wanted out now that Garrett had achieved his ends. Ward had only been going along with it to help Garrett, because he felt he owed Garrett his life. In these moments, we got to see Ward starting to realize how lost he'd gotten, especially when he begged Garrett to give him some orders, something to do, some way to make sense of everything. I think by that stage, when Ward also realized Garrett had gone totally crazy, Ward knew things were about to entirely fall apart, but admitting that would also mean he'd have to face the fact that maybe everything he'd done since joining SHIELD had been wrong, and in the end for nothing.
This episode had so many fantastic moments smushed into it. I could go on about Agent Fury turning up at the right moment to save FitzSimmons, or the little scene between Fury, Coulson and Garrett that had me laughing out loud. But the final showdown between Ward, Skye, and May was so great -- with Skye needling Ward about being weak and blindly following Garrett, before throwing out the line that she hoped Garrett ordered Ward to walk into traffic.
Not long after this, May gave her opinion by smashing Ward in the face, spurring them into a vicious fight. At the end, when Ward realized he was going to lose, his expression said he wanted to reason with her, but May chopped him in the throat, so he couldn't speak.
After, when May brought him to front Coulson and the others, the remorse was already written all over his face... of course, its easy to be sorry when you've been beaten. I absolutely cannot wait to see how the writers slowly reform Ward over season two, and I don't imagine its going to be a straightforward or easy path. The team have threatened him with all sorts of torture, and as mean as I am, I'm actually hoping they totally break him down. And I literally mean break him. In some ways, I think it could be the only way Ward can successfully come out of the darkness... plus I'll admit, I like seeing a grown man cry for all the right reasons!

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