Friday, April 18, 2014

Agents of SHIELD 1x18 -- Twisting the Knife

I'll stop going on about this soon, I promise, but right now, it still hurts.
Once again, if you're not up to date with this show and don't want to know about it, then escape while you still can.
So my worst fears have come to pass; Agent Grant Ward was never really part of Coulson's team, he was planted there by Hydra and Garrett to find out how Coulson had been brought back from the dead after the battle of New York.
Logically you would think I'd be devastated over the big reveal that Ward is actually one of the bad guys, and the part of me who liked the guy we thought Ward was, is feeling pretty down about the fact that we don't actually know Ward at all (if that even is his real name).
Except the writer in me who loves those "gray" character is totally on board with this plot twist.
In this episode, although it was revealed that Ward had actually been playing for the other team from the start, I think the writers did a good job of subtly hinting that it didn't mean Ward was a bad guy. For a start, on some level it seems his feelings for Skye seem genuine -- he had a short argument with Garrett over the fact that Skye had been shot and it not being part of the plan. And later, when questioned by Raina, Ward confessed that he didn't necessarily agree with what Hydra were attempting, but that he owed everything to Garrett, who had pulled him out of hell, which I'm sure most of the audience took to be some kind of terrible childhood/family situation.
The team still don't know that Ward is a mole, and the episode ended with him joining them at a secret SHIELD base, with the sole intent of getting some information out of Skye.
From next week's promo, it seems things are going to get intimate between Ward and Skye, but whether this is Ward's way of getting what he needs from Skye, or something that just happens in the heat of the moment, it probably won't make any difference. Once they all work out who Ward is really working for, the fall out will be the same.
My hope is that at some critical moment, Ward will realize where his heart really is, and I'm not just talking romantically in terms of Skye. I think that every member of the team, especially Coulson, has probably had more of an impact on Ward than he can see, or is willing to admit. If he does make an honest move to join Coulson and the team to defeat Garrett, it will be a massive growth in character for Ward, and I can easily see it spurring many story lines into next season where he works to win back the trust and cooperation of the team.
However, my fear is that for the moment, Ward will stay and continue to be the villain beside Garrett, well into next season, and the presence of Agent Triplett on the bus might be acting as Ward's temporary replacement in terms of muscle and tactical ability. However, I can't be too upset about this, as I am intrigued by the interest Simmons is showing in him, and the resulting jealousy from Fitz. I'm always a sucker for shifting dynamics like this!
Whatever happens, right now I'm praying like crazy that this show will get a second season, and some internet chatter is indicating that a late renewal save is looking good. Until I get confirmation, I'll be watching the remaining few episodes with my fingers crossed.

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