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Ships That aren't Shipping -- Part Nine: Andy and Sam on Rookie Blue

Welcome to part nine of my series of posts on ships that aren't shipping, but totally should be. I know, its been a while since my last post again, but what can I say? Life keeps me busy!
If for some reason you missed the eight posts that came before this, they were:  Part One: Oliver and Felicity on Arrow, Part Two: Charlie and Monroe on Revolution, Part Three: Emma and Hook from Once Upon a Time, Part Four: Skye and Ward from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Part Five: Wade and Zoe from Hart of Dixie, Part Six: Aria and Ezra on Pretty Little Liars, Part Seven: The Tomorrow People...Stephen/Cara/John/Astrid and Part Eight: Damon and Elena on the Vampire Diaries.  
Today we're here to discuss one of my most favorite TV couples, Andy and Sam on Rookie Blue.

They got it together and then totally screwed it up.
I love a good cop drama, and when I discovered Rookie Blue a few years ago, it didn't disappoint. Unfortunately its one of those off-season series that gets aired over summer when the big-name shows are on hiatus, so it only gets a thirteen episode run every year. But boy, do they make those 13 episodes almost unmissable! So, its probably not surprising to hear that apparently for the new season, Rookie Blue has been given a 22 episode run.
So Andy and Sam. Like I said, they're currently one of my favorite TV couples, even though they can't seem to get their act together. From early on, these two had some great moments where you wanted to yell at the TV "just kiss her already!" 
Right from the first episode, Sam and Andy's interactions had friction. On her first day on the job, Andy arrested Sam, thinking he had something to do with a drug and murder case they were investigating, not realizing that Sam was a cop on an undercover operation and her actions were quickly ruining months of hard work. Even though Sam was pissed about the situation, it quickly became apparent that there were sparks between the two of them.
At the same time, Andy also gained the interest of a detective, Luke Callaghan. Sam was basically considered one of Andy's direct superiors and was meant to be teaching her, so obviously anything between them would not have been acceptable, plus I think for Andy, she didn't want anyone to think she was getting anywhere because she was sleeping with a commanding officer. So she started seeing Luke, and things got serious pretty quickly.
Even though Andy was with Luke, Sam was always there for her, and it was plainly apparent that Sam's feelings for Andy were getting deeper all the time.
However, Andy and Luke's relationship didn't go so well. Luke got shot, and of course Sam was there to help Andy through it, but then Luke was an idiot and ended up cheating on Andy, which I did not see coming. He seemed like a nice enough guy, and I didn't expect their relationship to combust that way. Except I couldn't complain about it, because it resulted in some awesome Sam and Andy moments. The scene where Sam confronts Andy about what's going on with her and Luke will always be one of those TV moments that sticks in my mind. No one knew for sure what had happened between Andy and Luke, not surprisingly, Andy wanted to keep things quiet. But Sam managed to put the pieces together, and took an educated guess, I suppose. Her reaction confirmed his suspicions, and the look of shock and hurt on his face was just so perfectly executed.
So the whole Luke and Andy thing was over, while things between Sam and Andy slowly grew. Every episode, the tension was so well balanced with everything else going on by the writers. But that's where things kind of went to hell. Sam took on an undercover op, I can't remember why, it might have actually had something to do with what was going on between him and Andy. So he disappears without telling Andy anything, leaving Andy somewhat confused. But as luck or fate would have it, Andy stumbles across Sam in a bar one night. I have to say, this series of events always annoyed me. Of all the times they could have gotten together, they did it while Sam was on an undercover op, putting not just the case in jeopardy, but their new relationship as well.
But whatever! A hot night ensues and then instead of thanking themselves lucky they'd gotten away with that much and leaving things be for the time being, they keep seeing each other. Seriously? It wasn't the smartest decision either of them had ever made.
So of course, the bad guy Sam is supposed to be schmoozing works out that Sam is really an undercover cop. The show's writers actually did this finalization of events quite well. They made it seem like the bad guy had worked it out because of the whole Sam and Andy thing, but in actual fact, it was a slip up in the cover story Sam's handlers had created.
When Andy realizes that Sam has been compromised, even knowing its going to get both of them into huge trouble, she goes back to the station and tells everyone what's happened. They start searching, while the bad guy has Sam locked up in some old house somewhere. The final confrontation was done really well, and when Sam comes out, with Andy sitting in a squad car outside, when they don't even exchange a single word, its an ominous shadow of what is to come. I was hoping for at least an emotional hug, but instead Sam just looks pissed and walks off. What? Like he thinks it all Andy's fault? Does he not care that if she hadn't reported in, the team wouldn't have gotten there in time to save his life? And you know what else really bugged me about this three episode (I think it was) arc? When Sam worked out the truth, that it wasn't Andy who'd blown his cover, no one bothered to tell her. WHAT THE HELL, people? I felt it really kind of left the storyline unresolved. So that was the end of season 2.
When season 3 returned, we find out that Sam and Andy haven't seen each other for weeks/months and whatever relationship they'd developed had been totally smoked. They both got called in to a disciplinary meeting (or something like that) about their actions, and while Andy took the warning to heart and avoided Sam at all costs, it is revealed later that Sam pretty much told them to go to hell because Andy was more important to him. So he's kind of pissed that apparently she discard their relationship so easily because a couple of superior officers told her to.
But this romance is the stuff of fate, so they couldn't stay apart for too long. Unfortunately, the relationship wasn't exactly smooth sailing, and following the death of one of his closest friends, Sam decides he and Andy can't work together and be together at the same time. When they had the break up conversation, it seemed like at the last moment Sam was thinking "am I really going to do this?" But he went through with it, walking away from Andy and breaking her heart.
Of course, it didn't take him long to work out what an idiot he'd been. Three episodes later, which also happened to be the finale of season 3, Andy ended up in a situation where she was holding a bomb, and Sam refused to leave her. He also decided to take that moment to tell Andy that he loved her. Andy's reaction was not exactly elation. After everything he'd put her through, now he was telling her he'd been wrong? Although her actual words were "Sam, I'm holding a bomb." It was obvious she was thinking something along the lines of "you idiot."
Just when all the McSwarek (don't you just love these shipper names they come up with?) fans thought everything would be right in the world again, Andy decided to take a place on a taskforce that sent her and fellow officer Nick Collins into a deep cover assignment. And the kicker? She couldn't even tell Sam where or why she was going. Partly, I think this was Andy getting her revenge for Sam doing the same thing to her 2 seasons ago, but also for messing her around so much.
There was already chemistry between Andy and Nick (although it didn't burn with anywhere near the intensity that Sam and Andy did.) so it probably wasn't surprising that in all the months Andy and Nick pretended to be a couple, they developed feelings for one another.
In the opening episode of season 4, Sam finds out that Andy and Nick have gone missing and that their cover might be compromised. Sam basically leads the charge to find them, and when he does track them down, the moment he and Andy encounter each other, that awesome tension that we all love so much was immediately back. Except as the writers of Rookie Blue have continually tortured us, just when the fans think everything is going to be all flowers and rainbows, they totally destroy our dreams.
Andy is all ready to talk things out and maybe take the next step with Sam, but she finds out the hard way that in the months she's been gone, Sam has started up a relationship with a new cop at the station, leaving Andy wondering just how deep his feelings for her could have been if he's moved on so easily.
But while Andy doesn't see it, the truth quickly becomes apparent that Sam hasn't moved on, and seeing her again is reviving all the emotions he'd been trying to deny.
Sam's BFF, Oliver, could see the truth, and seemed to be a McSwarek fan himself, always subtly hinting that Andy was the one Sam should be with. And while Sam refused to admit the truth, continuing with his other relationship, Andy and Nick grew closer, until they final got together.
Things between Andy and Nick were good and simple. Nick is a great guy and really cares for Andy. However, the close of season 4 brought another angst-ridden cliff hanger (the writers at
Rookie Blue are really good at those.) Sam's relationship had fizzled, and at last he admitted to Andy that he still had feelings for her, but it was done in the roundabout way of telling her he wanted her to be happy, but he couldn't be around her any longer.
Andy wanted to talk it out, but before they could, Sam got shot. The episode ended with Andy telling Sam in the ambulance that she loved him before he loses consciousness. At the hospital, Andy tells Nick she's sorry, and he seems very accepting of the fact that his girlfriend is going to pieces over another man. When the doctor tells the waiting room full of cops that only one of them can go in to see Sam, Nick does the gallant thing and sends Andy. While things are looking grim for Sam, and Andy is standing by looking heartbroken, Nick walks to the back of the waiting room, tears in his eyes and and look of painful resignation on his face. If fans didn't already love this guy, how could they not after that? He clearly deserves better than being Andy's second choice.
So the end of season 4 left us hanging. Obviously Sam is not going to die, and I don't necessarily think Andy and Nick's relationship will be over. The writers are good at creating these angsty twists that I never see coming, so I can't wait to see what is in store for the 22 episodes of season 5.


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