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Ships That aren't Shipping -- Part Eight: Damon and Elena on The Vampire Diaries

Sorry for the hiatus, life has been getting in the way of me and the Internets this past week or so!
But, Welcome back, we're here with part eight of my posts on ships that aren't shipping but totally should be. The seven couples featured before this have been: Part One: Oliver and Felicity on Arrow, Part Two: Charlie and Monroe on Revolution, Part Three: Emma and Hook from Once Upon a Time, Part Four: Skye and Ward from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Part Five: Wade and Zoe from Hart of Dixie, Part Six: Aria and Ezra on Pretty Little Liars. and Part Seven: The Tomorrow People...Stephen/Cara/John/Astrid.
Today we're visiting the epic will-they-won't-they romance that is Damon and Elena on the Vampire Diaries.

Best Vampire Diaries picture EVER
Drama much?
Really, I could devote several posts to these two if I went into every detail of every encounter they've had since they met. So let's just stick with the more outstanding facts. Still, apologies if this ends up totally convoluted, it would be an apt reflection of their relationship.
So from season one, even though Elena was committed to Stephan, it was apparent that Damon and Elena had chemistry that couldn't be denied. While Elena had boyfriend drama with Stephan, Damon was always there in the background, ready to play reluctant hero, or simply be there for her when Stephan was doing things like not understanding her point of view, or going off the rails and getting all ripper-like from drinking too much human blood.
For a while Damon even tried his version of being noble, as he tried to track down Stephan, who'd gone off with the pseudo-evil vampire-warewolf hybrid, Klaus. Damon tried not to fall deeper in love with his brother's girl during that time, but he might as well have tried to stop the tide coming in. Damon and Elena have shared some pretty epic kisses, and to date, one of my favorite TV kisses of all time is the one where they're at the motel and its like Elena just can't resist any longer. (which reminds me, I need to do an updated and third installment of my top TV kisses of all time.)

So through a series of unfortunate events, Elena dies with Damon's blood in her system and becomes a vampire. For about five minutes, it looks like Elena and Stephan might actually get back together as Stephan helps Elena navigate a new world she never wanted to be a part of. But then there's Damon in the background again, helping Elena with what she really needs when Stephan is trying to be too helpful and not really listening to what's really going on with her.
As a newbie vampire, Elena was having trouble keeping blood down, and one of the most memorable Delena moments was when Damon insisted she tried feeding off him, which I could not find a good picture of, dammit! Anyway, though Elena didn't know it, the apparently intimate offer caused even more tension between Stephan and Damon. However, as the next few episodes went by, Elena steadily drifted closer to Damon, until there was no use resisting anymore. But even as Damon and Elena were finally getting together, Stephan and Caroline were working out that somehow, Elena had been sired to Damon and would do whatever he asked of her.
I believe a lot of fans were unimpressed with this turn of events, voicing the question of why couldn't Damon and Elena just be together, why did there have to be some reason possibly making the whole thing false.
Following Damon and Elena learning the truth, there was a whole lot of up and down, and back and forth, which was abruptly ended by Damon getting the brilliant idea of telling Elena to turn her emotions off when she had trouble coping with the death of her brother, Jeremy.
Then started the quest to get Elena to turn her humanity back on. Through all sorts of nefarious mechanisms and plotting, this was finally achieved, and apparently Elena's sire bond to Damon was finally broken. After all that, Elena declared that she loved him, and at last it seemed, Damon and Elena would be together with nothing clouding the relationship.
Except that lasted all of five minutes. Before we fans knew it, they were trying to save Stephan and Elena was feeling guilty. Caroline kept up her disapproval of Damon in general (well, she can't talk now, after randomly having sex in the woods with Klaus a few episodes ago.) and once again we were faced with everything that could possibly get in the way of Damon and Elena's relationship.
Most recently, Katherine hijacked Elena's body, pretended to be Elena and dumped Damon, which in true Damon style, sent him on a murderous rampage. Because of that, Damon got infected with a virus that makes him want to feed on other vampires, and even though the gang worked out Elena was really Katherine and then managed to get rid of their pseudo-nemesis once and for all, it seemed the Damon and Elena relationship had been destroyed once again... until Katherine revealed to Bonnie that she'd infected Elena's body with the same virus, her final revenge against them all.
So that brings us up to the current episode. With both of them suffering the same vampire-feeding virus, it seems like Damon and Elena will need to rely on each other to get through this latest drama, which is obviously a good thing.
Despite the fact that I've always been a Delana fan, and a fan of the Vampire Diaries in general, I really have to wonder, after five season, what else could possibly happen to these people that already hasn't. I'm kind of worried about where the writers are going to take things next season, and don't want it to get to the point where I don't or can't watch this show any longer. But I stand here, ready to be pleasantly surprised.

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