Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ships that aren't Shipping -- Part Two: Charlie and Monroe on Revolution

Welcome back to Part Two of my series of posts on ships that aren't shipping, but totally should be.
I started off with Part One -- Felicity and Oliver on Arrow.
Today's rant post features Charlie and Monroe from Revolution, or Charloe, as the fans are want to call it. Now, this is one of those relationships that people either love or hate. The lovers can see the obvious chemistry and want more, more, MORE RIGHT NOW! While the haters think its totally creepy given that Monroe is supposedly something like twenty-five years older than Charlie (obviously old enough to be her father) and his previous occupation involved being the dictator of a republic that spanned over half a dozen former US states, in which time he may have held Charlie's mother prisoner for years on end and other generally naughty, naughty things. But he's still redeemable, right. Right? A lot of the haters also think Charlie should end up with baby-Bass, aka Connor, but really, that's just asking for things to get messy...

They did WHAT?
I'm not sure what's going on with Revolution. For the first half of this season I was like "yeah baby, this stuff is awesome!" I liked where things were going, I liked how the characters had evolved. Most of all, I liked the sudden development of something between Sebastian Monroe and Charlie Matheson. Except then things got a little crazy, and now I'm just confused. Do I like what's happening now? I really can't decide. The last few episodes have been unexpected to say the least, and I'm worried that the writers/creators are just randomly doing anything they can to get the ratings up, so they're pulling stuff in from all over the place. This show is on hiatus for the Olympics at the moment, and after the last episode, I can't say I'm all that upset about it.
You see, things used to be simple. Charlie hated Monroe for (indirectly) being responsible for her brother and father getting killed (plus a couple of other characters along the way, but, you know, this is war and all that stuff.) And Monroe is at first portrayed as this psycho dictator type guy who randomly kills puppies and small children. Okay, not really puppies, but unfortunately some children may have died. Anyway, so in the first part of season two, Charlie's only purpose in life is to track down and kill Monroe. Well, she succeeds in the tracking him down part, but the killing... not so much. Somehow it all ended with them tied up in the bottom of an empty pool, and between snarky comments, the spark was more than obvious. Enter the Charloe fans. Unlike Olicity on Arrow, the Charloe relationship hasn't exactly become cannon yet, but a few weeks ago, it seemed the show's creators and/or the NBC were embracing the Charloe movement, with NBC telling fans to take up the Charloe hashtag (#Charloe) to show their support.
So the Charloe fans had been given hope that something, anything, would happen between these two, other than all the time they spend kicking butt and taking down their enemies. And it was all well and good, until a few episodes ago when Monroe's son, Connor, came into the picture.
It didn't take much to imagine that Charlie + Mini-Monroe = disaster for the Charloe fans. However, for the first few episodes featuring Connor, he and Charlie didn't share any screen time, until this past week. Right from the first scene, Connor was trying to chat Charlie up, but she was all like "and I'm supposed to take you seriously?" She was totally dismissive of him, to the point where it seemed like she barely had any respect for him. Fast forward to three-quarters of the episode later, to see Charlie and Connor lying naked under a blanket together in a field. What the hell, people? Connor was all moon-eyed over it, but Charlie had the whole "whatever" thing down. And then she came out with two totally stupid lines. One: "you were cute and I was bored." Followed by the oh-so-positive attitude of "we're all going to die anyway."
For ages I was annoyed that Charlie hadn't been getting any decent dialogue, but if this is the stuff she's going to start spouting off, then I'd rather not hear it. The only way I can see her getting back from this is if her current actions are actually a PTSD kind of fallout from everything she's been through, and it will get worse before it gets better, in which case I would love to see both Miles and Monroe (especially Monroe), help pull her out of it.
However, at this point, I'm not so confident that its the direction the writers are taking things... But I'm begging the powers-that-be; please don't turn Charlie into a character I can't stand!
And I will end this post by saying MORE CHARLOE!


Garnet_Gold fan said...

I agree with your review of how Revolution has been going lately. I would say it is almost as if new writers came in, didn't get up to date with what had already occurred, and then said, Hey, wouldn't it be fun to have Charlie sleep with Monroe's son. Even though that went completely against the chemistry that was on full display between Charlie and Monroe in all of the previous episodes they were involved in. Frustrating to say the least. I have said this to others before as well, that Charlie sleeping with Connor is a huge mis-step to overcome for Charlie and Monroe. However, if the writers do it carefully and with a lot of thought, (rather than just throwing whatever out there in hopes for ratings) it could be pulled off. I enjoy reading your blog. Good insight.

Jess Anastasi said...

Hi Garnet_Gold and thanks for stopping by my blog!
I can see ways that the writers can bring Charlie and Monroe back from this, and it could make the dynamics even more interesting, but I am a little worried that the past few episodes have actually devolved the characters and relationships. My hope is that Kripke and the writers are so clever, they've done it on purpose to take it all to an even darker place for the characters, in which case, their climb out will be the kind of stuff we won't want to stop watching.
However, my worry is that they haven't been that clever and in actual fact have pulled together these story lines to bump up the ratings (and we all know how well that works) and so things will continue to devolve, making me more and more frustrated every week until I don't want to watch it any more... Only time will tell which direction things are going to take. :)

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