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Ships That aren't Shipping -- Part Seven: The Tomorrow People... Steven/Cara/John/Astrid

And we're back to ships that aren't shipping, but totally should be. I'm running out of ships to write about, but I was hoping to make it an even ten... I'm sure I can come up with some more couples to complain about. If you happen to miss it, we're up to part seven, and the couples that came before this were: Part One: Oliver and Felicity on Arrow, Part Two: Charlie and Monroe on Revolution, Part Three: Emma and Hook from Once Upon a Time, Part Four: Skye and Ward from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Part Five: Wade and Zoe from Hart of Dixie and Part Six: Aria and Ezra on Pretty Little Liars.
Today we're not talking about just one ship, we're talking about a whole confusion of ships that are pretty much in a mess. So forgive me if this post ends up making no sense whatsoever.

I'm confused... who likes who again?
So, if you don't know, The Tomorrow people is a new/old show. Apparently there was a version of this back in the 80s or something, that possibly didn't go so well. Unfortunately, it seems the remake isn't doing much better, and while I do enjoy this show, I've heard it probably isn't going to see a second season. The confusing mash of characters may have something to do with it. For those of you who have absolutely no clue, the show is based on a group of late teens/early 20-somethings, who are the next step in human evolution, though they call themselves a separate species, which I think is kind of dumb. Anyway, these people have what they call the three T's -- telekinesis, teleportaion and are also telepathic. However, some special people, like the main character Stephen, can also stop time.
So all these people are hiding out from this shadowy organization called Ultra, who basically hunt down the people with these abilities and either strip them of their power or force them to become Ultra agents... there is one other option, but that's death, and who wants to chose that? Oh, and a select few get sent off to a lab for studying.
In the beginning, Stephen didn't know what he was, but simply thought he had mental health issues. He only had one friend left, Astrid, and it turned out later that, unsurprisingly, she liked him more than just a friend. Stephen has never said exactly how he feels about Astrid, and I get the sense he is kind of leading her on a little. Anyway, Stephen kept hearing this voice in his head, and it turned out to be Cara, a powerful telepathic who he was connected to for some reason (which has never been explained and now kind of forgotten about). So Cara and John, the guy who leads the ragtag group of Tomorrow People decide they need to bring Stephen into the fold. Stephen is already half in love with Cara from hearing her in his head (weird) and is relieved to find she's not a figment of his imagination. John and Cara are an item, though Cara is awful flirty with Stephen, kind of leading him on like Stephen is leading on Astrid.
Cara and John start having some issues, and then randomly one night when John is off elsewhere, Cara decides to take Stephen out for a spin... and by that I mean they teleport to some fancy-schmancy hotel room and get naked.
Of course, Stephen thinks this means he and Cara are totally on. Cara pretty much tramples Stephen's hopes into the dust in zero-point-five seconds flat, and soon after, John inevitably finds out, resulting in John and Stephen getting their punch on. Cara turns up and tells them they're both idiots and she doesn't want either of them. And somehow they all continue co-existing like nothing happened.
The ships got pushed to the side for a while, until in the past few weeks, sparks started flying again.
Stephen realized that Astrid was in danger from Ultra because she knew the truth about him, which may have forced him to really consider how he felt about her. Stephen had to be elsewhere, and sent John to watch over Astrid, though Cara argued that such precautions weren't necessary (jealous much, Cara? Annoyed that the two guys you've been stringing along are focused on someone else for five minutes?).
Of course, Astrid did end up in danger, and John was forced to save her, which resulted in him getting
shot. Unable to teleport them out of the building they were in because of his injuries, he and Astrid had to hole up in a supply room, and Astrid had to remove the bullet from his side.
In the end, Cara rescued both of them. In the following episode, John then made it clear to Cara he still had feelings for her, which she kind of brushed off with the reasoning that because she was now the leader of the Tomorrow People (having recently ousted John from that position, but apparently he was cool with it... I know, what the hell, right?) she couldn't be with him and still make impartial judgements or some bull crap.
The episode ended with John defying orders to save Stephen (one would have thought Cara would be on board with that, but no, she would have left him to his fate, crazy bitch... and these two guys still want to win her over?), the result of which was Cara kicking John out of the hideout.
So, what did I get out of these episodes? Well, before I actually wanted Stephen to forget about Cara and realize what he had in Astrid, but then Astrid's scenes with John totally blew that out of the water. Hello chemistry! At the moment, John is in the wind, though I'm sure he'll still be checking in with Stephen since they two of them have become all buddy-buddy like. And what I'm really hoping for, is that he writers noticed the sparks Astrid and John had going and decide to do something with it, because what this show is really lacking is a good angsty love story line.
The whole Stephen/Cara/John thing is just not working. I really think it would be far more interesting to see a Stephen/Astrid/John story line, with Astrid and John falling for each other and Stephen acting as the concerned BFF who realizes too late his true feelings for the girl. Anyway, as I said earlier in this post, its looking unlikely that The Tomorrow People will be getting a second run at working these kinks out. If they do happen to luck out and make it to season two, I hope they can pick things up a notch. However, it unfortunately seems that whatever we get to the end of season one will be the entirety of this series.

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