Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ships that aren't Shipping - Part One: Oliver and Felicty on Arrow.

I don't know what's going on in TV land at the moment, but apparently Happily Ever After, or even just Happy for Five Minutes is really not the "in" thing to do. I was watching one particular show last night, and yelling "no, no, NO!" at the screen as the hero inevitably got with the wrong person again, and it was the last straw. So here I am, ready with a list to complain about ships that are not shipping, but totally should be. I'll be putting these in a series of posts over the coming days, because apparently my ranting cannot be contained to a single blog post alone.
So, as the title suggests, here to start us off are Oliver and Felicity in Arrow.

Man-ho much?
I hate to say anything bad about Arrow, Oliver, or the hotness that is Stephen Amell, but the writers/creators of this show have literally had Oliver sleep with every female character he's crossed paths with for the past season and a half, except for the ones related to him... and Felicity.
Apparently Felicity's addition to the show was a total accident. She starred in a number of episodes in season one, when Oliver had nowhere else to get certain information. Her character worked so well, was received so excitedly by fans, and let's face it, considering the obvious chemistry with Oliver, it led the writers/creators to make the awesome and very smart decision that she needed to become a permanent fixture. Now Oliver and Felicity's relationship is cannon, and there are legions of Olicity fans just waiting for these two to get it on already. And the writers have been kind, dropping crumbs of Olicity action week after week, including one episode where Oliver all but admitted to Felicity that he had feelings for her, but couldn't be with her for her own protection/good. Yes, the old "I love you, which is why we can never be together" line.
I was happy enough going along with this, but that same episode where Oliver admitted in not-so-many-words that he cared for her, was also the same episode in which he slept with the woman who took control of half of Queen Consolidated's holdings, Isabel Rochev, played by the very talented Summer Glau. I was kind of annoyed about it, but shrugged it off. Oliver is a man, and before those five years on the island, he was a serious party boy -- he's not going to pass up the opportunity to be with a beautiful woman. Weeks went by, and the Olicity crumbs continued to fall, despite Felicity momentarily being distracted by fellow geek Barry Allen. All was right in Olicity land... until this week's episode, when Sarah Lance (aka the Canary) came back. Quite obviously Oliver and Sarah have history, after all, she was on the yacht with him when it went down. But I still didn't see it coming. Even at the end, when they were standing a few steps away from each other, and I got a hint of what might be to come, I refused to believe it until they got lips on one another. And then I was yelling at the screen (as you do). But it didn't stop them from tearing at each others clothes just before the credits rolled. *Sigh* Seriously, I don't want to go there. Why repeat doomed history? Why take another step in the opposite direction of getting Oliver and Felicity together? Its just so damned frustrating!
So, okay Arrow writers, you got me again. But how many other women can Oliver justifiably sleep with before he starts looking like a man-ho, back to his old party boy ways of seducing anything in a skirt? Okay, that might be a little harsh. But come on, just how much is Felicity supposed to take before cracks start appearing in that gorgeous heart of hers? I'll be very interested to see where this week's episode take this latest love interruption.  

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