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Ships that aren't Shipping -- Part Four: Skye and Ward from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

And here we are with part four on my series of posts on ships that aren't shipping, but totally should be. If you happen to miss it, before this came Part One: Oliver and Felicity on Arrow, Part Two: Charlie and Monroe on Revolution, and Part Three: Emma and Hook from Once Upon a Time.
Today we're on to Skye and Ward on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Now, I've heard some unfortunate rumors that a second season of S.H.I.E.L.D. may not be forthcoming. But I just can't believe it. This show premiered with astronomical ratings, I have to assume that those ratings have been slipping ever since? But surely Joss Whedon can't be that unlucky, to have yet another show prematurely cancelled. Surely the TV exec can take the lessons learned from Firefly? People are slow to catch on to Joss Whedon's particular brand of awesomeness. I think this show needs another season to really catapult it into the top rating shows on TV at the moment. If it gets cancelled, I will pretty much be inconsolable.
But anyway, enough on that. we're here to talk ships...

When hook ups go bad.
If you haven't been watching this show WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? For the love of god and Joss Whedon, go right now and find some way to catch up. Ahem. Where was I? Oh yes, Agents of Shield is a previously untapped level of awesome. Its got all the Joss Whedon hallmarks (including geekiness abounding), but with an extra helping of epic coolness on top.
Almost since the beginning of this series, I'd been a Skye and Ward fan. There wasn't heaps going on with them, the chemistry between them certainly wasn't sparking off the screen like it does with some of the characters mentioned about, but there always seemed to be a low-level vibe between them that I found intriguing. Well, all of this came crashing to a sudden halt a few weeks ago, when Ward found out Skye had been keeping something from him, and totally shut her out. This was quickly followed up with something I didn't see coming -- after a particularly bad day at the office, Ward and Melinda May hooked up, and then continued hooking up for some kind of emotionless, blowing-off-steam deal... 'cos we all know how well that works.
Anyway, fast forward a few weeks later, and despite claiming it would be a no-strings-attached straight forward kinda thing, the whole situation is starting to look rather messy. Ward seems to be going a bit mushy about Melinda, but this week we were practically bludgeoned to death with the blunt object of Melinda's apparent feelings for Coulson. And possibly, Coulson may reciprocate, although the two of them are old friends, so its a little hard to tell.
Cue Ward walking in on a cozy let-me-patch-up-your-wounds scene between Coulson and Melinda, so the jealousy could start wafting. However, before Ward could spend too much time stewing over that, the three of them had to rush off to save Skye, Fitz and Simmons, who'd gotten themselves into a bit of a pickle.
The episode ended with Skye getting shot and nearly dying... I'm telling you, there's never a dull moment on that plane.
Ward is obviously upset about Skye, but this didn't get me waving my Skyward flag. You see, I don't think even Ward can admit to himself how much he actually likes Skye, I mean in that way. I think he almost views her in a little sister type role, and quite obviously he's recently been distracted by his non-relationship relationship with Melinda. I really think its going to be one of those situations where one day down the track, something is going to happen and Ward's feelings for Skye are going to slap him up side the head. He will literally have a moment of "oh my god, I'm in love with Skye!"
As for Skye, I think she could really care for Ward if she let herself, but she's wary of him, partly because of her upbringing in the orphanage/foster system, and partly because of the way Ward shut her out when she wouldn't share the secret she'd been keeping from him. He still doesn't know the truth, about why she joined S.H.I.E.L.D and her true parentage -- another thing that's due to smack him in the face any time now.
One thing is for certain, I will never be bored watching this show!
It will be interesting to see if Whedon does do anything with this relationship, or if it will be something just pushed to the back of all the other crazy stuff going on. I think it would be interesting to see the shifting dynamics if the relationship was put out there, especially considering there's technically a no fraternization rule, and the added complication of Ward's fling with Melinda May. I'm also dying to find out how Ward is going to react when/if he finds out Skye was once considered an 083 -- an object of unknown origin. Never mind Ward, I'm going crazy over here wondering what that means. Is she actually from another plant? Or maybe she wasn't actually born, but was grown in a lab? Does she have secret super powers even she doesn't know about? With (I think) less than ten episodes to go in this season, I'm hoping some of these questions will be answered, although some may be carried over for season two. However, with the outlook for a second season looking grim, just like Firefly, we may be left forever wondering what could have been. 

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