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Ships that aren't Shipping -- Part Five: Zoe and Wade on Hart of Dixie

 And here we are, back with my series of posts on ships that aren't shipping, but totally should be. If you need to catch up, there was also: Part One: Oliver and Felicity from Arrow, Part Two: Charlie and Monroe from Revolution, Part Three: Emma and Hook from Once Upon a Time, and Part Four: Skye and Ward from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Today my non-shipping rant is about Zoe and Wade on Hart of Dixie, but my heart is divided on the subject...

The good, the bad, and the plain confusing.
I have a love/hate relationship with Hart of Dixie at the moment. I absolutely loved this show when it started, and for a while I couldn't decide whether I wanted Zoe to end up with George or Wade. George was engaged, but the sparks between them were obvious. Wade was the guy from the wrong side of the tracks, and for a while I just didn't think they'd suit. But then it started to become obvious that Wade was actually one of those tough guys with a big mushy heart, especially when it came to Zoe. When they got together, I was more than ready for it to happen, and I'm sure there were a lot of fans cheering them on. Though, interestingly enough, it was at the same point that George left his fiancé at the altar to be with Zoe. Unfortunately for George, Zoe picked Wade, though since I was totally team Wade, I wasn't too upset about it.
Season two dealt with the usual suspects when it came to relationships, and for a while there, I really thought these two crazy kids would make it. Except then Wade seemed to get cold feet when he realized exactly how serious things were getting, and in typical bad-boy fashion, went all self-destructive on the relationship.
This left the way open for Zoe to turn to George for comfort, but in the process, she inevitably destroyed George's new, perfectly healthy relationship (deja vu anyone?). Zoe and Wade find their way back together one night, and following a series of events (including Zoe deciding she's going back to New York) Wade realizes he loves her, and will do anything to get her back again. The season ended with Wade, in a nutshell, telling Zoe he loved her and that he'd wait for her.
Which brings us to season three, and when my love/hate relationship with this show began. A fair bit of time has passed (I think it was 6 months or a year, but don't quote me on that) and Zoe is living it up in New York, in a seemingly healthy relationship with author/novelist Joel, as though life in Bluebell, Alabama had never happened. Joel is the total antithesis to Wade. Joel is totally geeky, totally sweet and more importantly, totally clueless when it comes to Zoe and Bluebell. Of course, circumstances force Zoe to return to Bluebell, and its just meant to be a trip to tie up lose ends. But when she gets there, she realizes how much she missed everything and everyone. Joel follows her there, and it was at that point I thought they were going to get rid of Joel and resume the Zoe/Wade angst. I didn't want to like Joel, but it was just so damn hard not to. Despite the fact that Joel obviously didn't fit into the southern lifestyle, he decided to stay with Zoe. And, a lot like Zoe, slowly found himself adjusting and then coming to love every quirky thing about Bluebell. Wade and Joel become unlikely friends, and then Wade found himself a new relationship in Zoe's cousin. On the surface, everything looks just fine and dandy, all happy families and relationships.
Except the writers keep throwing out these little Zoe/Wade (what do the shippers call that... Zade? Wadoe?) crumbs. For a start, the two always seem to be turning to one another for help, given any crazy antics that need resolving, and then there was an episode not long ago where Wade was... I can't remember -- I don't think he was drunk. Maybe he was. He was under the influence of something, anyway, and some kind of festival was going on in town. Anyway, Zoe found Wade in a haystack maze and he just up and kissed her.  And then neither of them mentioned it ever again, as though it had never happened.
Furthermore, just last week, Wade's drunk father turned up to Zoe's birthday party to meet Wade's new girlfriend. Crazy Earl was upset to find out Wade and Zoe weren't together any more. Of course, Zoe helped Wade get his father out of the party without causing a scene, and the two of them had yet another moment.
Its halfway through season three, and I am now afraid for Joel's safety. He's a great character, he and Zoe are really kind of perfect for each other, balancing out each other's personalities. I've really come to love the guy, despite him standing in the way of Zoe and Wade. And that is the unfortunate truth. I have a terrible feeling the writers are going to kill Joel off — and that might actually be the kinder option, because the other option is serious heartbreak when Zoe either breaks up with him, or worse, cheats on him with Wade. All I know for sure is that before the end of this season, at some point I'm going to need a box of tissues, its inevitable -- something bad is going to happen to poor Joel, and he totally doesn't deserve it... Which makes it damn hard to look on the bright side of YAY! Zoe and Wade action.

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