Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Muse -- Josh Holloway as Gabriel Vaughn on Intelligence

I'm interrupting my series of posts on ships that aren't shipping, but totally should be, to bring you another Monday Muse. This one is also doubling up as a new-tv-show-love post.
The concept behind Intelligence isn't really a new one; it's about a guy, Gabriel Vaughn, who has an advance chip in his head, and now his brain works like a computer, including being able to get remote access to all sorts of things like the internet, cell phones, and security systems. He works for the agency US Cyber Command, and gets teamed with a secret service agent, Riley Neal, who is supposed to protect him because he's an asset.
In some regards, it is a little bit like the series Chuck, being that the main character is an agent working with a computer in his brain, but the shows are also vastly different in tone and approach.
I was hooked on this show from episode one, though at first I found it hard to watch Josh Holloway in
this role. I wasn't even a Lost fan -- I watched the first few episodes of Lost, and then would catch a random episode every now and then if it looked interesting or if there was nothing else on TV. But I certainly wasn't addicted like a lot of fans were, and I know there were a lot of Sawyer fangirls out there. For diehard Lost fans, they may find it even harder to assimilate Holloway into this new, very different character. However, he does Gabriel very well, and by about the third episode I was pretty much thinking "Sawyer who?"
So yes, I was basically addicted to this show from the first episode. Gabriel is a very complex character, and I love complex characters. I also love it when complex characters get a possible love interest, and the low-burning chemistry between Gabriel and Riley was sparked from their first meeting, cemented when she had taken a bullet for him by the end of that first episode.
Gabriel was a Delta Force soldier, married to a CIA agent. His wife went on a deep cover mission, and apparently changed sides, participating in a terrorist attack and then presumed killed. However, Gabriel didn't believe that she'd really turned, or that she'd been killed, and part of the reason he volunteered for the chip was so that he could continue looking for her. 
I assumed this story line was going to carry on throughout the entire first series, but by the second episode, I was surprised to see the wife had come back into the picture and through a series of events seemed like she'd been killed for good this time. Of course, this is TV, so I wouldn't be at all shocked to see her resurface at some point in the future, when her reappearance would cause maximum emotional damage for Gabriel and Riley.
With his wife dead, Gabriel was no longer distracted by trying to find her, and settled more fully into the role he was meant to play when Cyber Command implanted the chip, plus it quite obviously leaves the way open for Gabriel and Riley to become closer, without his missing wife between them. 
Though I'm already imagining way too many scenarios in which Gabriel and Riley could end up together, I have a feeling this is totally going to turn into a Smulder situation -- That's right, Mulder and Scully all over again.
Through working in many highly emotional moments, Gabriel and Riley will pretty much become as close as two people can get without actually crossing the romantic line. I can see Riley especially, making sure things don't go there for professional reasons, the old adage of her judgement being compromised if she got involved with him.
This is all pure speculation, and I really hope Intelligence ends up being one of those shows that lasts, and I'm still blogging about it 5 years from now.
Gabriel makes a great hero, and I'm really looking forward to getting to know more about him as the series progresses onward. 


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