Saturday, January 25, 2014

Supernatural -- Just When I Thought They'd Done Everything...

...Dean gets *insert dramatic music here* The Mark of Cain.
What is it? What does it mean? Will it make him even more bad-ass than he already is, if such a thing is even possible?
Supernatural is into its 9th season, and I'm still a huge fan. Sure, there were some times when I was a bit "meh" about it (like when one of them dies and gets brought back again for like the 20th time or this latest tiff the boys are having in their on-again-off-again bromance), but with Dean Winchester still kicking, I wasn't going to stop watching it.
This week, I got a taste of classic Supernatural awesomeness. Seriously, it was kind of at the point where I'm thinking "its been nine years, what can they possibly do to these boys that hasn't already been done to them before?"
So for a quick recap, this week the boys had gone their separate ways, Sam and Castiel return to the bunker to work on healing Sam, while Dean heads off to god-knows-where to hunt Gadriel, the angel who had been the latest idiot to screw them over (come on, EVERYONE knows Sam and Dean. Just being friends with them can get you killed, so why would you ever cross them unless you wanted to commit suicide via Winchester?).
Anyhoo, Crowley drops in on Dean and is all like "hey, I got totally stolkhomled when you guys held me prisoner and tried to turn me human, now I want to be your BFF and go hunting together." As you can see above, Dean was really impressed about it. But of course, Crowley talks Dean around and off they go on an adventure that is sure to be all kinds of whacky.
They're looking for a weapon that can kill a knight of hell (specifically Abbadon, who's been doing her damnedest to usurp Crowley) but instead of finding the blade, they find Cain, as in Cain and Able from the bible. At this point, I'm not surprised. The writers have been all over the religious themes, so I wouldn't be at all shocked if in another few episodes they're chatting up John the Baptist. But seriously, it turns out Cain became a demon and trained the knights of hell himself, before he turned on them because they killed his missus. In another series of unsurprising plot revelations, the demons work out where Dean and Crowley are, and come to kill them (you silly demons, you).
Cain reveals that the weapon to kill Abbadon won't work unless the person wielding it has the mark of
Cain which causes Crowley to make the sign of the cross... um, just how evil is this thing?
But Dean is not deterred, and before you know it, he's offering to take the mark himself. Cain distracts the demons (by flash-roasting them from the inside out with petty red energy) while Dean and Crowley get away.
In the closing minutes, Dean seems to work out that Crowley had planned the whole thing, which I did not see coming.
And that's pretty much where things were left. Now I'm sitting here going "but what does it mean?!" Because the mark comes with a price, these things always do, and no doubt it will be something dark and twisted that will push Dean closer to that edge he's always hovering around.
On a side note, the interaction between Sam and Castiel was also very interesting. Up to this point, its always been Dean and Castiel, with Sam kind of in the background and not really connecting with the angel. Sam is struggling with everything that happened to him, but I don't think its going to get dragged out too long, because Castiel really seemed to help him, obviously physically with the healing, but also emotionally. And I have to admit, I did get a bit of a kick out of the way they hugged it out at the end. Despite the fact that Castiel had very recently been human himself, there's still so much he just doesn't get, but that's part of the charm.
So I'm totally hanging out for next week, to find out what this latest devolpment means for Dean, and where Castiel and Sam might find themselves.
Well done, Supernatural, because after 9 years, you can still get me on the edge of my seat.

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