Saturday, January 18, 2014

Quick Update...

...And 12 days went by without a blog post. So my new year's resolution to update my blog at least once a week fell by the wayside pretty quickly. Partly I'm still in holiday mode, not thinking about work at all. I took most of December off after doing some revisions for a publisher (I'm now waiting to hear whether or not a contract will come out of that, so fingers crossed!) and then when January came around, I decided not to get back into my "professional" writing straight away (as in, the stuff I'm working on for my agent or anything else with a view of getting it published) and spent the last couple of weeks writing for fun, reminding myself why I started this whole crazy journey in the first place.
I have absolutely loved it, though the disciplined side of myself has been standing in the background with her arms crossed, glaring daggers at me. Admittedly what I've done has been lazy writing -- I haven't worried about grammar, passive voice, showing not telling, all of the usual stuff I regularly have to remember not use when I'm writing -- and just told the story without a care as to how technically correct it is. It's been freeing, and I think definitely replenished the wellspring to keep me going for the rest of the year.
The only problem now is that I'm dragging my feet at the idea of getting back into my work, because doing the other stuff was just too much fun. Also I'm a little bit worried that all that lazy writing is going to come back and bite me when I start working on my manuscripts again. But I'm sure once I get back in the saddle, things will settle down.

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