Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Beauty and the Beast... When You Like the Other Guy Better

I've had mixed feelings since I started watching this show last year. Partly because I can't decide whether or not I like Kristen Kruek in the roll (I seriously didn't like her as Lana Lang in the Smallville series) and partly because some weeks it was so good I'd be on the edge of my seat waiting for the next episode to roll around, while some other weeks I was a bit "whatever" about it.
They didn't do themselves any favors when they killed off the hot British guy, Evan, in the late stages of season one, but I pushed past that.
The season one finale ended up being good enough to suck me back into season two. The show has still been pretty up and down for me... until a few weeks ago.
For those of you not familiar with the show's basic story, the two main characters. Catherine (Cat) and Vincent, have this tragic, fated lovers, Romeo and Juliette kind of thing going on. It was almost love at first sight, though a huge number of things kept them apart, the biggest obstacle being that Vincent was experimented on during his years with the military and is now half "beast." But that sort of thing can't keep a good love story down, and they inevitably couldn't stay away from each other, despite the external and internal danger, including some shady organization who may or may not be connected to the government trying to take Vincent out.
Once they did get together, they went through the expected pseudo-relationship issues, until at the end of the season, when Vincent got kidnapped and taken away.
Cue season two; months have gone by in which Cat and her friends have been searching for Vincent. When they find him, he doesn't remember them, he's been reprogrammed.
In the meantime, another character, Gabe Lowan, (who was a beast himself during season one, until he was accidentally "cured" by Cat) has been supporting Cat and steadily building quite a flame for her.
At first I thought, "oh yeah, it'll be the usual unrequited love thing to distract us from Cat and Vincent's relationship."
Cat and Vincent had been through a falling out that it seemed they couldn't come back from. Vincent met a female beast and they have a kind of primal chemistry, which resulted in Catherine catching Vincent kissing another woman, and ended with Vincent choosing his vengeance over Catherine, and her shooting him to stop him from carrying out that vengeance. And Gabe was always there in the background, ready to give her whatever she needed, when she needed it. I was really starting to like Gabe and was annoyed that he was going to be the sappy schmuck moping after a girl who wouldn't ever like him that way.
But then in the past couple of weeks, it seemed Cat was beginning to reciprocate his feelings. 
Now, I know I'm in for some serious disappointment, because the whole point of the show is mostly Cat and Vincent's relationship. But I was really happy last week when Catherine kissed Gabe, after realizing he trusted her in a way Vincent never had.
And then I realized I was actually more interested in seeing Cat have a relationship with Gabe than I was wanting her to get back with Vincent.
Usually I'm not that person. Usually when I'm watching a show and some outside party gets in the way of the main relationship, I'm the first wishing for them to make the inevitable mistake that will send the main character back to the person they should be with. A quick example would be Meredith and Derek on Grey's Anatomy. We all knew they were fated to be together, so anytime one of them got distracted by another possible love interest, I'd be hoping they'd come to their senses sooner rather than later.
This is the first time I've ever started hoping the Other Guy would permanently shoe-horn his way between the two main characters.
I find it interesting that in this case, I'm basically supporting the losing team. And I can't decide why that is. Maybe I prefer the Catherine-Gabe chemistry to the Catherine-Vincent chemistry. Maybe I just like this reformed Gabe better than Vincent, who, let's face it, is being a total d*#k... excuse my language.
I was hoping that this week, Catherine and Gabe's relationship would evolve farther, that they would actually have something of substance until the inevitable time when Catherine would go back to Vincent. Yet at the beginning of the episode, Gabe was standoffish because he thought Catherine was "unresolved" and then at the end, after Gabe had told her he'd decided he was all in, she used the "I need to find myself" line on him. Of course, he told her he'd wait until she was ready, but I have a feeling that might be forever, and the Catherine-Vincent reunion is closer than I'd like it to be.
Come on, B&B writers! I know that the show is meant to be about Catherine and Vincent's star-crossed lovers thing, but break the mold! Do the unexpected. Take us somewhere you never planned on going, it might pay off better than you could imagine.
But I know, this won't ever happened. Catherine and Vincent will be back to their angsty relationship in no time, leaving Gabe out in the cold, and me wondering how long their conventional storyline can sustain the series. 

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