Friday, November 1, 2013

NaNo Madness

I wasn't going to do it, truly I wasn't. But a few days ago, all that changed.
Once again, its been over a month since my last blog post. What can I say, life is too busy and something had to get put on the back-burner. As much as I do enjoy rambling on about random things here on my blog, I had other writerly priorities that had to come ahead of it.
But back to November being Novel Writing Month. I had toyed with the idea of doing NaNo for the first time this year after participating in 50k in 30 Days with RWAus a few months back. But then I thought, no, I wasn't in a place where I wanted to commit myself to the insanity of writing 2000 words a day, every day for an entire month.
Things were chugging along quite nicely. I was getting an adequate amount of work done, and my agent has been shopping a romantic suspense I wrote last year. A few weeks ago, we got some positive news from a big publisher that they were interested in this romantic suspense. Well, I was literally floating through my day, thinking I had finally Made It. Except then two days ago came the news we didn't want to hear. The editor who'd liked my book so much had taken it to another team of editors, who didn't like it so much. There were several issues they felt meant it wasn't appropriate for their line after all.
Oh, except rejection has the unfortunate effect of making me more determined.
There are plenty more fish in the sea, or in the case, publishers in New York, so I'm hopeful someone will think it ticks all the boxes for them.
In the meantime, I'm a contingency kinda person and I've had this new romantic suspense idea hovering in the back of my mind for a fair while now.
For the past weeks I'd been working on the second book to the one my agent is trying to sell. But then I thought, if she can't sell it, there's no point in writing a second one! So I said to myself "NaNo it is!"
I plan to start this new idea and use Nano to write at least half of the manuscript in the next 4 weeks.
Crazy? Yes indeedey.
So here it is, Day One of Nano and I've written a whole one hundred words. Only 1900 to go for today and 49,900 for the month... God help me.

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