Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Muse -- Daniel Gillies as Elijah Mikaelson from The Vampire Diaries/The Originals

Its been a while, so I think we're long overdue for a Monday Muse, plus I need it to keep my brain for NaNo.
This week I've decided on Daniel Gillies, who plays Elijah Mikaelson, a character that started out life on The Vampire Diaries. Elijah is the sensible, honorable,  and let me say intense brother of vampire-werewolf hybrid Klaus. They are the original family of vampires (hence the spin off show title The Originals) and Elijah is forever trying to keep his family together and in line, whether that means talking sense into hot-headed Kluas, or their impetuous sister Rebekah.
For the past few seasons of the Vampire Diaries, Elijah has been an interesting character who pops up every now and then to either solve problems or create trouble, depending on his personal goals in any given situation. At first, the original family are painted as the bad guys, and Elijah was the first to be introduced. However, it soon became apparent that this first family had their own immortal problems, and in a nutshell were simply trying to survive as best they could.
Since moving across to The Originals, these characters, especially Elijah, have really come into their
own. I am absolutely in love with this new show, even though we're only a few episodes in. I think Elijah's character can be nicely summed up by one of his own quotes:
"Although I talk of virtue, when it suits my needs, I kill, maim and torment."
Elijah prides himself on his honor, but he becomes one of those gray characters I love so much if he's pushed far enough. He will do whatever it takes, even things of questionable morality, in order to achieve his ultimate ends.
Elijah has this quiet intensity, but there's no mistaking he's deadly and one would be foolish to ever underestimate him. In that regard, he's perfect hero inspiration material.
And when it comes to the unfolding plots on The Originals, I was excited this week to see the shadowing of a possible love-interest with the werewolf, Hayley, who is currently pregnant with Klaus' child. No need to worry about brothers rivaling for her attention, Hayley's pregnancy was the result of a one night stand with Klaus, and while he obviously wants to protect her as the mother of his unborn child, there's no romantic entanglement to speak of. Still, my writer's mind has been coming up with all sorts of possible complications from this kind-of-but-not love triangle, and I'm really looking forward to where the writers of the series take us as we continue deeper into the first season of this show.
As for Elijah, I'm hoping we'll see plenty more of this ideal romance hero as season 1 of The Originals continues.

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