Monday, June 24, 2013

Tales of Neglect

Yes, my blog has been extremely neglected this year, lucky if the poor thing sees one post a week.
I hope to revive it at some stage, but obviously I am very busy with other things.
At the moment, I'm participating in Romance Writers Australia's 50k in 30 Days, which is like a practice run for Nano -- novel writing month in November.
I wasn't aiming for the whole 50,000 words, instead, I signed up to write 40,000 words, which was about how much I needed to write to finish my current paranormal romance manuscript. I'm happy to say I've written 35,000 words in the past 23 days, so I'm on track to make my goal, and basically now writing the ending scenes to my novel.
I'd like to say that once this book is finished, I'll make more of an effort to blog, but already an idea for the next book is forming in my mind, so in all likelihood I'll continue straight on with the story.
However, I have got a few ideas for some entertaining blog posts, its just a matter of finding time to put them together.
For now, I'm slogging onward with 50k in 30 Days and enjoying my manuscript at I write my way toward 'the end.'


Kez said...

Good luck - I think you'll reach the finish line ahead of me!

Jess Anastasi said...

Thanks, Kez!
I reached my target 2 days ago, and now I've got sick kids in the house, so I don't think I'll be getting much more done in the last couple of days :(

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