Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Muse -- Manu Bennett

Ah Monday Muse, the best way to start off a week.
Today I've settled on Manu Bennet. Who the heck is that? Well, I would have said the same thing until recently. If you're a fan of the Spartacus TV franchise, then you already know who I'm talking about. But I didn't come across Mr. Bennett by watching Spartacus (though it is on my list of TV shows that I intend to get around to one day), I discovered him on the CW's new hit series, Arrow.
Bennet plays Slade Wilson, an ASIS agent (Australian Secret Intelligence Service) that Oliver Queen meets on the island during the five years he was stranded. While I love Arrow (and that discussion is for another post on another day) I've found myself hoping for more flashbacks to Oliver training with Slade each week, because his character really has me hooked. I'm also hoping that the writers will bring Slade to Star City at some point to join Arrow's team of evil fighters.
I haven't seen Bennett in Spartacus, so I can't comment on his performance in it.
However, when it comes to looks alone, Mr. Bennett is actually a little bit more rugged than I tend to like men. He's not exactly classically handsome. But with those rough looks and seriously, all those muscles? He makes for an excellent romance novel hero. The fact that he's Australian just gives him extra credit in my book... and okay, technically he was born in New Zealand. But us Aussies like stealing things from New Zealand and claiming them as our own.
Anyhoo, the reason I've put Mr. Bennett up here today is because it came to my attention that he was the perfect inspiration for a new romantic suspense I wanted to start. And what do you know, once I put his image on my character, the story exploded out of nowhere.
So while I go get into writing chapter 3, you can all enjoy this week's Monday Muse.


D. D. Line said...

I think you've found yourself a most excellent muse. :) I haven't seen him in Spartacus either, but there's plenty of eye candy to be enjoyed in Arrow and you certainly chose a tasty one. :)

Unknown said...

You will fall in love with him in Spartacus!

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