Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Muse with Annick Weilche

In today's Monday' Muse, we have author Annick Weilche visiting, who has a short story out in the Autumn edition of That's Life! Fast Fiction compilation. So let's get the story behind the story...

I've always wanted to write Romantic Suspense. Love watching a good 'flick' on tv and mostly read Romantic thrillers. My favourite authors are Elizabeth Lowell and Amanda Quick. All my stories have an element of suspense and "A Second Chance" (which will appear in the Autumn issue of that's life! Fast Fiction on 25 February)is set in a coastal village similar to my favourite holiday destination. I'm a Piscean and come from a tropical island, therefore, I know the beach, the sun, the ocean and holidays and what a fabulous setting they make for romance to be born and thrive in.
I am currently working on a novel, set on a tropical island and my hero is a detective. (surprise, surprise!)
 Thanks for sharing Annick, and everyone, look out for a copy of That's Life! Fast Fiction at your newsagents to read A Second Chance.

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Annick Weilche said...

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share. I'm so happy with myself right now. To see my name in print is such a great feeling of achievement.

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