Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snippet Sunday - Dead Reality

I'm kicking off the first ever Snippet Sunday with an excerpt from my romantic suspense, Dead Reality. I'm in a bit of a romantic suspense mood at the moment -- I've been reading the last few books in Tara Janzen's Steele Street/SDF series (if you haven't read these books and you're a fan of romantic suspense, I highly recommend them).
As for myself, I have some romantic suspense works in the pipeline, and hope to eventually get them out in the world. As for now, let's revisit Ella and Bryce. I hate to admit having favorites, but Bryce is one of my favorite heroes I've written to date -- at first he comes across as a womanizer, but underneath his seemingly shallow facade is a huge heart, he just needed to meet the right woman! Mix in a murder mystery, a tropical island and a reality TV show and you've got one interesting ride...

"Ella Waverly, this is Special Agent Bryce Lain, the new team leader," Jim said.

She held out her hand automatically, which Agent Lain shook in a straightforward manner, giving her a charming smile that all but yelled, I'm-hot-and-I-know-it. Her civility slipped yet another notch.

Then the name clicked in her mind, and all the pieces fell into place.

Bryce Lain?

Oh, no way.

She'd heard about him, right back from when she'd started at the academy in Quantico. And not because he was a stellar example of an agent. Okay, from all accounts, he was a kick-ass operator, but his reputation with women had become the stuff of legends. Most of the guys she knew thought Lain was some sort of all-around hero, while the women wondered what it'd take to get him into bed. Not much, she guessed, from the looks of it.

She'd only ever distantly crossed paths with Lain over the years, and those few times hadn't improved her opinion of him or dispelled any of the rumors she'd heard. Between his scruffy appearance and the fact that it'd been a few years since her last encounter, she hadn't recognized him.

He was the new team leader they'd been expecting? She would have to work with him on a permanent basis? Worse, she was going to have to answer to him? She'd have to look at that movie-star handsome face and put up with his attitude every day? Her head would quite possibly explode from the thought.

"He wasn't supposed to start until next week, but a situation has come up that we thought we could use him on." Jim continued as she fought to keep her expression neutral.

Lain smiled, but the expression looked more smug than friendly. "I understand, Jim, you just couldn't do without my epic talents a day longer."

Jim laughed, but she failed to see the humor. Instead, she clenched her teeth over the urge to tell Lain what a jackass he was.

"I've been meaning to talk to you all day. I understand you're taking a few weeks off. Going to Florida, the La Playa Beach Resort?" Jim opened his briefcase and started flipping through the contents.

Her shoulders tensed, since her boss's interest in her vacation could only be leading to one thing. He'd tell her she couldn't go, or he needed her to postpone. The excuse? Some dire situation pertaining to national security they just couldn't resolve without her.

"Sir—" She began, trying to come up with a really good reason—and fast—as to why they should put someone else on whatever it might be. She didn't want to hear the details, because as soon as she did, her interest would be piqued and her goddamned sense of duty would override her sense of self-preservation.

Self-preservation meant holding onto her sanity by taking time off and not working with—and especially not taking orders from—Agent Man-ho until she'd had a few weeks to chill.

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