Friday, January 25, 2013

New Year - Welcome to 2013!

First off, I would like to apologize for my long absence from the blog-o-sphere. Besides the fact I usually take December off, the end of 2012 was particularly hectic in my home life, and the new year has brought changes to my family. However, I'm about to dive into the deep end of my work, the new year awaits and these days I have an agent to answer to.
So, onward we go.
A few changes will be happening to my blog this year, mainly related to my attempt to organize my online presence a little better. From next week, I'll be having set themes for days of the week, which I have decided will be as follows:

Monday Muse - Could be a picture, could be a poem, could be a movie review. Anything that inspires me or generally gives me crazy new book ideas.

Thespian Tuesday - Okay, I know technically a Thespian is an actor, but I couldn't come up with any other writer or guest related word starting with T. Anyhoo, This will either be a guest author featuring, or me talking about authors who inspire me.

Random Wednesday - Anything goes on Wednesdays!

Theme Thursday - Pretty straight forward, a post with a random (or sometimes not so random) theme.

TGIF Friday - Thank god its Friday Fridays. Something to put us in the mood for the weekend.

Saturday Sojourn - Where we go on a journey, to either a fictional place or a real place. This may also include posts from guest authors.

Snippet Sunday - Snippets of my work posted, both published and unpublished. I will also feature other authors this day.

Now, I won't be using every theme day every week (because that would just be exhausting and I probably would have time to, you know, actually write) But you'll find at least one (hopefully interesting) post here every week, and quite often several more than that too.

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