Monday, November 12, 2012

No NaNo, No Surprise

Yes, I may have entertained the notion of doing NaNo, but of course it didn't eventuate. In fact, I've unfortunately given up on the idea of doing any more writing until the new year and my home life settles into a new pattern.
However, that hasn't stopped the ideas from flowing. An idea for a young adult novel came to me the other night, so I wrote it down in my ideas notebook and was reminded of the many other varied ideas I've come up with. One thing I'll never lack is ideas for new books. Unfortunately with several projects currently under construction (and no work being done on any of them) I can't seriously consider the thought of starting anything new, no matter how enthusiastic I might feel about them.
In the meantime, I'm waiting (and trying not to think about it too much) to hear about the submissions my agent has sent out for my Urban Fantasy Necrohunters manuscript. I'm hoping to hear back from at least a couple before Christmas (which is six weeks away, surely we'll hear something before then?). But quite obviously I'm not holding my breath. Sometimes things happen fast in this industry, but more often than not, things develop slowly and you spend more time waiting than doing anything else.
And while I'm not writing, I have to say I've read more books in the last few weeks than I have in an entire twelve months before that. For that reason, I can't feel too depressed about my lack of writing time. Its been good to catch up on my To Be Read pile and discover some new authors.
The sporadic posting is going to continue into the new year, unfortunately. And over Christmas and the New Year, there will probably be a month or more where I won't be posting at all. But hopefully as we start 2013, I'll have some exciting news in regards to my submissions, and have more interesting topics to blog about.

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