Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nano Madness

If you know anything about the writing industry, then you'll already know that November is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. Basically the challenge is to write an entire novel in a month.
I'm going to come right out and say I've never done Nano before, not once in the whole eleven years I've been writing. Never even been tempted to take part in the grueling endurance that is the attempt of writing an entire book in thirty short days.
But all that has changed this year.
Those who follow this blog know that I've been lucky to get one post done a week over the past few months, due to a change in my home situation. This is also reflected in my writing time, which has become extremely limited. Luckily this isn't a permanent situation, otherwise my sanity would be at risk.
So because of this, I've done next to no writing in the last few weeks, and I'm really starting to notice it. My fingers are literally itching to get on a keyboard and bash out a few thousand words. And then people started talking about Nano. It got me thinking... yes, my writing time isn't what it used to be, but just maybe if I force myself onto the insane roller-coaster of Nano, I could take care of two issues at once; a) I'll actually be doing some writing, and b) I could (maybe) get Quantum finished (the second novel to my sci-fi romance Atrophy). It means I wouldn't even have to write an entire book, just 45,000 words, give or take... Which works out to 1500 words a day.
Once I would have said "totally do-able!" but these days I'm not so confident.
If you ask me today, I'd say yes, I think I do want to have a go at Nano, but I don't plan on posting targets or progress anywhere, since it could end up being a venture that gets abandoned very quickly. And who knows, by the time Thursday the 1st of November rolls around, I might have decided I can't be bothered anyway!

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