Friday, August 17, 2012

Where Have I Been? Version 2.1.1

So a couple of weeks have gone by since my last post. Yes, occasionally I thought "I really should get a blog post up." But since I haven't even had time to do any actual writing, let alone a blog post, its probably not very surprising that this site has remained quiet.
Two weekends ago, I got to attend a workshop on conflict run by Anne Gracie. It was a great refresher on the things I need to keep in mind when working on a draft, and I noted down a series of easy checks I can do during the editing process to make sure my scenes are working correctly.
The radio interview went well (according to those who heard it, I find it hard to judge for myself) and this past weekend, I spent most of Saturday and Sunday at the inaugural Bendigo Writers Festival.
I'm sure the organizers were extremely happy with how the weekend went off -- tickets were sold out and most sessions were always full. Personally, I had a great time, catching up with authors I hadn't seen for a long time, and meeting lots of new ones.
For one of my sessions, I was interviewed by Megan Burke, blogger extraordinaire and self-appointed "author-stalker" (sorry Megan, you said it!) from Melbourne, and was lucky enough to meet her for coffee on Friday so we could sort out how things were going to run. I found she and I were very much alike, and funnily enough, talking to her was kind of like chatting to one of my sisters. Because of that, the interview went really well and I felt totally relaxed throughout the entire thing. So, thanks Megan!
On Sunday afternoon, I was honored to be on a panel with none other than Margo Lanagan, award winning fantasy author. I wanted to have a bit of a fan girl moment over that, after all, I read some of her earlier works at high school, but I remained calm and professional. On the panel, we were also joined by John Flaus, who I had (embarrassingly) met at another writer's function and failed to recognize exactly who he was. It was humbling to be sitting between (because I got stuck in the middle) two Australians who have and were shaping the publishing and film industry before I even realized I wanted to be an author. John had some wonderful anecdotes and Margo was fabulously down to earth considering the accolades she has achieved over the years.
So I came home from the weekend on a wonderful high. Although I haven't had time to do any work this week, my good mood has mostly continued, and from tonight, I'll be doing the RWA online Claytons Conference. Tonight we'll be chatting, and tomorrow we'll be doing a whole bunch of workshops, so again, I'll get to mingle with a whole bunch of fabulous authors.
And I should also mention that while I haven't been doing much in the way of writing, I have been treating myself to more reading than I've done in a while. These past weeks I've read Bride by Mistake by Anne Gracie, A Million Suns by Beth Revis, The Flame and The Shadow by Denise Rossetti and I'm currently half way through Awaken Me Darkly by Gena Showalter, the first in her Alien Huntress series. There was another book I read, but I can't remember what it was... Anyway, the point is, I've enjoyed giving myself a bit of a break to escape in some books and be social, but now its about time I got back into some work.
I'm currently re-writing the ending of my Necrohunter book again for my agent (she's probably wondering what's happened to me since we talked about it three weeks ago and I haven't emailed her since). And of course I was half way through writing the sci-fi romance, Quantum, second book to Atrophy. I have plenty to keep my busy, just need to get back into the swing of working!

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