Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Best Cliff Hanger Ever - True Blood Season 5 Finale

Disclaimer: True Blood spoilers ahead! Do not read on if you haven't seen any of the current season...

So I watched the Season 5 finale of True Blood and it ended with a frustratingly good cliff hanger. I have to say, its always annoyed me that True Blood is one of those shows where the season is a measly 12 episodes long.
That point aside, I had started wondering where this season was headed. As a Sookie/Eric fan, I was waiting in hopeful anticipation that they would have some type of smallish reunion over the course of the season, but unfortunately it didn't happen. I even got a little bored right in the middle of the season, because Eric and Bill had been kidnapped by the American Vampire League, and spent the whole season in an almost entirely separate storyline.
Of course, the writers brought it all together in the end, with Eric saving Sookie from Russel Edgington, and then all of the important players going to the secret AVL underground headquaters to save Pam and Jessica. I found Eric's insistence and constant attempts to save Bill from himself very interesting. One would have assumed, as a rival for Sookie's affections, Eric might have been happy to simply escape when he could and leave Bill to a fate partly of his own making.
However, despite the fact that attempting to get Bill away from the AVL had resulted in more problems for himself, Eric kept trying to come up with ways to ultimately rescue Bill, and in the end, decided Sookie was the only one who would be able to get through to him. 
Well, that didn't work out so well, with Bill becoming the biggest threat to them all, as Eric and Sookie run for their lives. It was a satisfying ending, simply because I believe the whole season is leading toward Sookie and Eric getting back together next season. Eric has shown himself to be the bigger man, the one who really cares, and will selflessly put himself out there to help those important to him, even at detriment to his own safety. And, I have to say, I had a bit of an "awww" moment when Eric claimed Tara as "family" because she is Pam's progeny.
This season finale had it all, and even though I felt there was a bit of a mid-season slump, I can't say the writers of True Blood have left me disappointed.
Now, I simply have to wait for a whole damn year to go by, before finding out where the adventures of the Bon Temps residents takes us next.

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