Monday, July 30, 2012

Media Coverage

With the Bendigo Writers Festival coming up in a few weeks, I've been doing a bit of media work.
This week, I was featured in an article in the Bendigo Weekly, (on page 2! I was quite pleased and surprised at that). This morning I'll be attending an interview on our local ABC radio station, at 10:30 with the morning program host Ann Jones.I have no idea what we'll be discussing, I suppose my work and the upcoming writers festival. Right at this moment, I'm trying not to be too nervous since this is the first time I've ever done anything like this.
Doing these sorts of things is exciting, surreal and a little intimidating. In some ways I find it hard to believe, this was an aspect of being an writer I never really thought about too closely. But, like my husband said, I wanted to be an author, this sort of thing comes with the job.
I doubt I'll ever get used to this public, media side of things. As always, its a good reminder that I need to be ever mindful of how I present myself to the world and the things I say, especially when it comes to blogs, social media and the Internet in general. Its an aspect of the craft and industry that I think people sometimes too easily forget.

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