Friday, May 4, 2012


So I have a new most-favorite-ever TV show: Chuck. My good friend, Cafrine, told me about it many years ago and at the time I was like "eh", I was at the height of my Supernatural obsession and was starting to get into Vampire Diaries in a big way. I wasn't interested in finding anything new.
I'm not even sure what made me finally decide to give Chuck a go. I suppose I'd seen snippets on TV and heard people mention it over the years and at last thought I should see what all the fuss was about... I watched one episode and I was hooked! I'm now mid-way through season 3 and loving every episode.
For those of you who don't know (like I didn't until recently) Chuck is based on Charles "Chuck" Bartowski who unwittingly has all of the CIA and NSA most classified government secrets downloaded into his brain, a computer they call the Intersect. Since the actual computer is destroyed, Chuck is the only source of all the government's most important data, so he is forced to become a spy, providing information when he "flashes" on certain people or objects. Chuck gets a CIA handler in Sarah Walker (also the love interest) and an NSA handler/bodyguard in John Casey.
This show ticks all the boxes for me; romance, action, comedy, suspense. It has a great balance of characters and a plot that's different from anything else out there at the moment.
I must say, I really love Adam Baldwin as Agent John Casey. The ex-Firefly actor really found his stride in this role. Sure, he was great in Firefly, and played a similar gung-ho, brawns kind of guy. But in Firefly, the comedy came in the fact that he wasn't the smartest star in the sky, which suited the Firefly plot and characters. In Chuck, Baldwin gets to play a super-tough, obviously very smart gung-ho, brawns kind of guy, which is a very effective character.
And where to start when it comes to the hero of the show, Chuck? I just love that he's everything a spy usually isn't; uncoordinated, actually cares about things, a total geek. The creators did a good job casting Zachary Levi in this role. He portrayed a great mix and nerdy, sweet, and sexy (really sexy)... yes it can be done!
I was a bit disappointed to see that the final season, number 5, only got a half run of episodes at 13 aired. The least they could have done was end this fabulous series with a full season. And while we all wish our favorite TV shows could keep going and going, I can already see, mid-way through season 3, how this premise doesn't have as long a shelf-life as some others. There's only so many directions the show can go, and Chuck has to evolve to keep things believable. Working as a spy, he can't stay they same unknowing, nerdy nobody he started out as. He is moving toward being more of a professional spy, which brings its own issues.
I think the will-they-won't-they storyline of Chuck and Sarah's romance has been handled very well also. There have been (and may still be) other people for both of them along the way, but they keep finding their way back to each other. And of course, because the internet is the internet and nothing is secret, I do know they end up getting married at some stage.
So I will be interested to see how the second half of this series plays out. If I was scoring, I'd definitely rate this show a five out of five stars. I haven't seen such a great balance of elements since Stargate SG1 (the early years). So if you haven't already seen this fantastic series, go watch it, people!


Kez said...

HUGE Chuck fans here - it's my 9yo son's favourite show :) Yep, we're raising a nerd!

We've only watched until the end of season 4 and are waiting for the final season to finish so we can watch it uninterrupted!

And yes, in a really dorky way, Zachary Levi is quite sexy. It's the grin - I'm a sucker for a cheeky grin!

Jess Anastasi said...

Hey Kez,
even though its a bit violent sometimes, it mostly is pretty family-friendly, (which is a refreshing change in this day and age!) so I'd probably let my kids watch it if they were a bit older and interested.
And yeah, the grin is part of Zachary Levi's charm. I have to admit my own husband has a similar dorky charm that I find adorable... seems I'm into those kind of men. LOL

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