Friday, May 18, 2012

Again with the Revisions

I'm smack bang in the middle of tearing my ghost manuscript apart again, with suggested revisions from my agent this time. If you've read this blog long enough, you'll already know what I think about editing and revising, the extremely un-fun part of my job.
However, since I'm still all starry-eyed about my agent, I'm actually pretty excited about making these changes and seeing where the new version will take us. And while yes, I am removing some scenes and putting in new ones, once I started working on the changes, I realized they weren't probably going to be as stressful as I fist assumed.
I might have already mentioned this, but we had to ditch the Shadow Hunter thing and for the time being I'm going with Necrohunters, unless someone comes up with something better at some point. And since the title was The Last Shadow, which kind of no longer applies, I have no idea what the new title is going to be at this point. 
I'm getting close to the half way point of the tearing-and-refitting, but the most major changes are going to occur in the last part of the book. I have to write in a bad guy who, previously I wasn't going to reveal until later in the series. I also have to work in some highly dramatic way that the hero, Nathan, finds out about Tessa's big secret, which I'd also considered leaving until later books.
But, I guess its like that song "hit me with your best shot." I have to pack as much punch into this book as I can, because its going to be up against a whole bunch of other agent-approved books hitting the desk of New York's biggest editors.
And even though I'm revealing a lot more in this book than I originally planned, I still have a lot up my sleeve for the next two books at least, so here's hoping whatever publishing house picks me up offers at least a trilogy.
And now I really should get back into it, my characters await!

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