Monday, March 12, 2012

Revisions, Revisions.

I've been powering through revisions on my Shadow Hunter novel the past few days, tearing it apart, inserting new chapters, changing what's already there and generally hacking my way through the story. I'm really happy with how its going so far and think I'll definitely have a stronger book for it by the time I'm finished.
Except when I sat down this morning, it was like I'd run out of steam. The words are refusing to come and my brain is being sluggish... which is why I'm here, writing a blog post. And instead of considering what I need to do next in the structure of the story, I'm thinking about baking a loaf of bread (nothing like fresh, warm bread from the oven with butter melting on it... yum!)
The other problem is I have somewhere to go at lunch time, so I know my flow is going to get interrupted at that point anyway. Maybe my mind will be more cooperative later this afternoon. In the meantime, bread-baking, here I come.

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