Monday, February 13, 2012

Project Update and New Release!

Just a quick update of where I'm at work-wise.
I'm happy to announce that contracts are signed and I have a release date of the 16th of April for a new sci-fi/fantasy romance titled Heart of the Warlord:
(working blurb, may change before book release)

On the planet Kanaan, Jiovahnie Dorrian, the Marques of Gryffin, walks a fine line between keeping his place in society amongst the Ruling Families, and his ancestral legacy of being a warlord. Though he'd rather stay camped in the Borderlands with his men, when his cousin, the Duque of Harkin is to be married, it’s the event of the season. One he can't miss. After all, the duque expects him to be the best man. But Vahn doesn't anticipate his best man duties to include fetching his cousin's bride when an enemy attempts to abduct her.

Lady Gwynevive Tyne isn't the wilting Miss society expects her to be. And when mercenaries attack her traveling party on the way to her intended husband's home, she does what any self-respecting girl should —  tries to steal the enemy's ship to escape. But before she can get away with the reckless plan, a warrior turns up claiming to be sent by her fiancĂ©. He dresses like a mercenary and his silvery, metal-gray eyes make her heart beat a little too fast.

For both Vahn and Gwyn, a forbidden attraction flames to life between them almost instantaneously. Both know there's no way they can be together. Yet neither of them can stay away from one another. An enemy is intent on preventing Gwyn's marriage, and at every turn, Vahn finds himself protecting Gwyn from danger. He needs keep her safe and then hand her over to his cousin to wed. And when the time comes, they have to find some way to let each other go… Or risk starting a war that could tear apart the Ruling Families. 

Last week I finished the novella I've been working on, at 33,000 words. Its a secret-agents-meets-sci-fi romance and I had a lot of fun writing it. If I can find a home for it, I'm hoping to write some more in the series. For the time being I'm calling it Ultimate Failsafe
Despite my intentions to leave the Sanctuary universe in favor of other projects, I found myself starting a novella the other day, which I'm calling Starstruck. I think it'll end up being around about 25,000 to 30,000 words, we'll see what the characters do though. It's about a demon Angel Assassin who gets ordered by the demon king to go and kill a human movie star... because he didn't like the guy's last movie. Oh, and the demon king also wants to send a message to the humans that no one is safe. I'm about 6000 words in and this novella has also been really fun to write, so I'm hoping to have it finished fairly quickly and subbed to my editor at Noble in the coming month or so. 
After that, I had planned on returning to work on a young adult novel I started in December, but let's just wait and see what happens. I have a habit of working where the mood strikes me!

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