Monday, February 6, 2012

I'd Like To See... Supernatural Get A New Regular Character, Possibly Female

Disclaimer: season 7 spoilers a'hoy!
This week's episode of Supernatural was really great. It showed us yet another facet of the Winchester brothers when Sam and Dean found themselves in a situation similar to one they'd experienced previously, but with the tables turned. A while back, Sam had a 'friend' of the monster variety he'd met when he was a kid. He let her go then because she didn't want to be evil. Fast forward to the present and even though she'd killed people (she did have a good reason, but we won't go into that), Sam wanted to let her go again. Dean then went behind Sam's back and killed her anyway, because you don't make nice with monsters, you kill them. Hadn't Ruby taught them anything? Of course when Sam eventually found out, he wasn't all that impressed, but he eventually came to agree with Dean's mantra.
This week's episode saw Dean becoming a father after a one night stand... shocked much? But this wasn't any normal one night stand. The pregnancy took 36 hours to come to term and the girl was a teenager in a matter of days. Her, her mother, and the 'tribe' of women were the thing Sam and Dean had come to town hunting.
Dean has always had a deep-seated desire to have a family of his own, this has been demonstrated many different ways over the years. Yet he believes the life he lives makes it impossible, he refuses to bring a child up as he and Sam were, and he can't leave the life, which makes having his own family a non-issue.
So when faced with his own daughter, even though she was half crazy-woman-Amazonian-man-killer, you could see a spark of hope in Dean when he looked at her. For a moment he was something other than the depressed, bitter semi-alcoholic hunter he'd been since Castiel had died, made even worse by the death of Bobby.
And just when you think Dean is going to find someway to talk his daughter out of a life of being a psycho-single-white-female, Sam bursts in and shoots her, even though she pleads with Dean not to let Sam hurt her. Dean tries to hide his shock and upset, though Sam knows him too well and hits him with the "you don't make nice with monsters" speech Dean once gave him. It was quite brilliantly done by the writers and I'll be interested to see if there is any more fallout from that situation through the rest of the season.
But back to the original subject of this post. Just think for one second... how interesting would it have been if Dean had of hit the road with his half-Amazonian teenage daughter? Okay, it never would have worked I suppose, but in my wildest fantasies, it would have made me long for next week's episodes even more than I already do now. The dynamics of such an unconventional family (even more unconventional than Sam and Dean already are) would have been fascinating.
I've been wondering for a few weeks what the writers are going to do about an outside regular character now that Bobby is dead. Let's face it, the show needs one or its going to stagnate and we sure as heck don't want that. I feel given the show's history, the writers will automatically bring in another guy, who, what or why I can't guess, but I think they could do better.
I mean, let's face it, everything has been done before. We've had the absent father in John, the substitute-father in Bobby, the BFF for Dean in Castiel, the kid-sister in Jo, and the other brother in Adam. There aren't many other types of male platonic relationships they can introduce without covering old territory.
So here's what I'd like to see. A regular female character.
And not an evil bitch whose sole motive is to lead them to ruin (Ruby) or a narcissistic, self-serving psychopath (Bella). With the return of Jody Mills a few weeks ago, I wondered if she was going to be It, falling into a substitute-mother role for the boys, something they've never had and would probably love, even as they chaffed against it.
But, more than that, I think a female character the boy's age, one who inadvertently gets mixed up with their shenanigans (either a hunter or not a hunter, both would work for different reasons) would show us a different dynamic we haven't seen before.
I don't even necessarily think she would need to be a love-interest for either of them (though I would like to see Dean get what he wants deep down in a stable relationship that doesn't end in disaster or permanent angel-induced-amnesia), I really believe inserting such a character could breathe new life into the show as it heads into season 8, and give viewers and the CW a reason to then continue into season nine, if the actors and creators involved want to keep going.

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