Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chop, Chop, Chop

That's what I'll be doing in the near future with the secret-agents-meets-sci-fi novella I wrote not long ago. You see, the idea was there, but the characters... not so much. I had an in-depth conversation with my CP the other day about what was and wasn't working in this story. Unfortunately there's more that's not working. And you know me, I'd rather trash than fix. So, once I'm done with the Sanctuary novella I'm working on, Starstruck, I'm going back to the drawing board on Ultimate Infinity (I love that title, by the way.)
So many books to write, so little time! At some stage I need to get a move on with the second book to Heart of the Warlord. Plus last year I did start the fourth Sanctuary book, Sinner. I should probably try to finish that at some stage. I'm also going to be making a concentrated effort to focus a certain amount of time each week on web stuff and promo. My website is sadly neglected and I know I don't use all that fang-dangled social media stuff anywhere near as well as I should.
And now I'm off to schedule myself some guest-blog spots for April when Heart of the Warlord comes out. Busy, busy, busy.... chop, chop, chop...

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