Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spending My Time Off...

I've really been enjoying my no-work policy for the last few weeks. Its given me a chance to catch up on my reading, watching some DVDs, and the other day I even bought one of those word puzzle books from the Newsagents, just for the heck of it. FYI, I suck at word puzzles. You would think as an author with a better-than-average grasp on the English language, I might actually have a knack for crosswords and jumble word puzzles, but more often than not I have to go find my husband to help me, who secretly is really good at those sorts of things and doesn't even realize it.
The other fun thing I've been doing is discovering new TV shows. I've just started watching Warehouse 13 (I know, I'm SOOO behind the times, but believe me when I tell you the TV stations here in Australia are suck-tastic) and I've found a new instant favorite. I've only watched four episodes but I'm hooked. The rapport between Pete and Myka is fantastic. The chemistry between them was instantaneous and already there's been some laugh-out-loud moments. Its got all the elements I love to see in a TV show, serious moments, funny moments, great characters, an intriguing plot and lots more.  I'm really looking forward to where they go and hope this show has a long life of at least six or more seasons.
But back to my work. The self imposed ban on work until after New Year didn't last. Yesterday I wrote the opening sentence to a new book I've been thinking about and today I'm doing a read-through of The Last Shadow before I submit it to a particular editor at a certain publishing house who put out a call late last week. I think The Last Shadow might be along the lines of what she's looking for, so fingers crossed on that.
So I'm going to go back to my reading and later will be watching some more of Warehouse 13. Hope you're all having a merry December and get some time off to be with family and friends over Christmas.

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