Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shelving That Manuscript

I've tried a lot of different "strategies" over the years, trying to get published. I used to flit from one manuscript to another. If I couldn't get enough interest from agents, I'd decide to start on something new. One day I wondered if that was really working for me, maybe instead of chopping and changing, I needed to pick one manuscript and stick with it for a long haul, maybe that would be the key to seeing it published.
Atrophy was that manuscript. It's been almost 3 years since I first sat down to write it. I still feel something for Atrophy I've never felt for any of my other books, but that passion and dedication wasn't enough to see it in print. I got another rejection for Atrophy today, and while I could probably continue sending it out to the few smaller presses I haven't tried yet, or even my own publisher, Noble, I've decided instead that this has to be it.
I'm officially going to shelve Atrophy. No more submitting, no more adjusting, no more reading it over and over, trying to work out what's wrong with it that no publisher or agent wants to take it.
This is not the end, however. I'll move onto other projects, but one day I'm going to go back to it. Whether that's five, ten, or fifteen years from now, who knows?
For now, it's probably a good time to be switching gears. I'm taking a break and the New Year is upon us. I've already written up a plan of where and how I'm going to focus my energies. I feel like I've been a bit all over the place the past few months, not really sure of what I want to work on, so I was working on a bit of everything at once, which I don't think is a really successful way of getting anything done.
So 2012 will see new projects, new focus and new goals. And all I can do is see where this new map of the road takes me. 


Kez said...

I hope Atrophy will have its day in the sun one day soon :)

Good luck with your new goals!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Sorry about the rejection, Jess, but I think it's a good idea to shelve for now, and then when it's time, it will come out and SHINE. I just know it.

Jess Anastasi said...

yeah, now I just have to work out what i'm going to put my energies into next... at the moment I have no idea!

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