Friday, November 18, 2011

Back to the Future...

... no trademark breach intended.
I'm working on my Shadow Hunter novel again this week. I got another two rejections for Atrophy, one of which the rejecting person in question had taken the time to comment on some elements of Atrophy that weren't working in her opinion. While I still do have five or so other Atrophy submissions out at the moment, I suddenly said to myself "get over it, man! Its been like three years. Don't you think its time you built a bridge?!?!"
So I plan on starting the querying game all over again. Which means I have to have something to query with. So I edited the heck out of the first five chapters, wrote a suck-nopsis (which my long-suffering crit partner is fixing up for me) and got on with writing the last 8000-odd words of the ending I never got around to doing.
And tonight, the beginning of the second book hit me, making me want to rush off and start writing it. But I'm not going to do that when I have so many other projects already on the go.
So, let's see how I get on with my Shadow Hunters. Meanwhile I have another new sci-fi novel on the go and the fourth Sanctuary book to write. Can't say I've never got nothing to do around here!

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