Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where Did the Pantsing Go?

So apparently I've become a plotter in my old age. I used to be proud of my pantsing ways. As in, I did no plotting, but wrote whatever came to mind, like the saying 'fly by the seat of your pants. I wrote with no real direction in mind and still always managed to find myself with a complete, mostly coherent manuscript at the end. But then I started making notes to keep track of my Sanctuary series (I'm 20,000 words into writing the forth book) to keep straight what has to happen in the overall arcing story of the war between the angels and demons, whose book it had to happen in and why.
When I wrote Singularity, I started off pantsing it, but then the rest of the story came to me all at once so I had to write it down in point form so I wouldn't forget it. The same thing happened when I started writing Sinner, the fourth book. Maybe its more that in recent times, The story has come to me completely, in almost one hit, whereas before it used to come to me in bits and pieces. Maybe I've just gotten better at channeling whatever it is that provides my stories for me. Either way, I now seem to be doing some weird pantsing/planning combination. 
I gave the warlord book some more thought and realized I hadn't really overcome the issues keeping my characters apart. There had to be more to the story and sure enough it came to me as I wrote some notes. So I'm pleased that it will now most likely his the 50,000 word mark, which while isn't a long book, at least technically makes it book length in my mind. I'm up to 31,000 words at the minute, so hopefully I can get it finished in the next few weeks.

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