Saturday, September 3, 2011

Welcome to Spring!

Here we are, officially three days into Spring. Since I devoted an entire post to how much I prefer the warm weather last time, I won't bother going into it again.
Okay, so where am I at with my work? I have edits coming up for both Singularity and the novella spin-off, Savior. The forth Sanctuary book, (working title) Sinner, is on the way, I've written about 20,000 words of that, so I'll be getting back into it soon. For the time being, however, I've decided I want to rework the warlord novella I wrote a few months back. So that's my aim for the next few weeks, then I'll finish Sinner and then I might see about finishing Ric and Madi's romantic suspense that's been languishing on my computer for the past six months. I have a lot of unfinished manuscripts it seems, so I should do something about that!

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