Sunday, September 11, 2011

Novella No Longer

Okay, I suck at writing novellas. Really, I do. They're not easy! How do you cram an entire satisfactory story into so few words?
As some of you might know, earlier in the year I was writing a novella I'd titled Heart of the Warlord. I'm now re-working this. The old ending sucked. It was bad. Like, terrible. The conflict was pretty much non-existent. So I gave my characters some more hurdles and came up with an entirely different ending.
The result? I had to stop trying to force the story to be a novella. It wants to be a full length book. I can't fight anymore, the story will have its way. Its currently at about 28,000 words. The only problem now is, its going to land in no man's land of 40,000 to 50,000 words. Longer than a book, but shorter than most novels. I'm kind of hoping this won't matter to my publisher and am debating seeing where the word count ends up and then maybe going back to add in some more scenes earlier in the book, keep my characters apart a bit longer.
But I really want to be able to write novellas. So I'm going to come up with a different idea and try again in another few months once I get all the work I have on now out of the way. I will find a way to overcome my compulsion to write everything into novel-length!

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