Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Great Writing Challenge

Okay, truthfully it probably isn't as big as this magnificent title makes it sound, but it's still going to be a lot of fun.
My critique partner, Erin Grace, and I have decided to do a bit or role reversal. She is going to write something along the lines of a paranormal/sci-fi/fantasy kind of book and I am going to write a historical romance. This project will be a long term thing, because obviously we have to keep our contracted work a priority. But in my spare moments I'm going all the way back, circa early 2000's and reworking one of the first manuscripts I ever tried to write.
If you haven't been around this blog for say the past ten years, then you wouldn't know that my original intention was to be a historical romance author. I had an entire series of books planned, set in the 1780s and even went so far as to write the first 3. Obviously I moved on from these and never planned on going back because I had come to the conclusion that my voice wasn't suited to historicals. I was a bit depressed about this fact because I still thought the plots I'd come up with had merit. Plus the hero in the second book is one of my all time favorites, even to date.
My CP suggested that maybe now I have all these years of experience under my belt, I might actually be able to write them quite well. It could have been a case of being too inexperienced as a writer, as opposed to my voice not suiting historicals. So I'm going to rewrite the first book in the series from scratch and probably change quite a few scenes along the way. It will probably end up looking like an entirely different story. I'm still skeptical about whether or not I can pull it off, so we'll see what happens.
Meanwhile, I'm hoping my CP will write a story about vampires from space, just because it would be so much fun.
At the end of the challenge, whenever the manuscripts are finished, we're going to see who can get theirs published. But, I won't be getting much of the historicals done while I have so much other work on. Speaking of which, I should get back to working on the warlord novella.

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