Sunday, August 28, 2011

Time Rolls Around

Its getting toward Spring here in Australia and we've started having some gorgeous sunny days - the birds are singing, the winter wet is drying out and the wattle has been blooming. I'm a summer person, I absolutely hate winter (which leads me to wonder why I live in a place that gets so damn cold in the winter, we're not that far from the snow fields, and some nights it gets to well below 0, or freezing point, sometimes up to -6. Brrr!) I'm a summer person all around. It has to get to about forty degrees (which in Fahrenheit, I think works out to be over 100 degrees) before I start getting worried. I just don't feel the heat like other people, I enjoy it too much.
So I love this time of year when we have the first few truly warm days, the hours of light start getting longer and you know summer is about to burst into the sky. This time of year always makes me think anything is possible. Who knows what tomorrow might bring, but surely it will be good! You might think that makes me one of those over-the-top optimists who can never see the bad side of anything. I think of myself more as a realist - I see the bad side alright, but I chose to believe the bad won't last, eventually the good times will roll again.
The other day, my crit partner also reminded me that its been a year now since I signed my first contract with Noble Romance Publishing. In some ways I think 'wow, that went quick!' while in other ways, probably since I've been so busy, I think it seems a lot longer than that.
So that's me, looking forward to Summer and now a year into my foray into publishing. I planned on giving an update on my workload, but now that I've rambled on so much, I've decided to leave it for another day.
Instead, enjoy this song (one of my favorites of all time) In The Summertime by Thirsty Merc. It is the Australian anthem for summer! ...I tried to find the link for the official video clip, but for some reason it didn't work. Instead I got the song over some clips of the TV show Bondi Rescue. You can't get much more Aussie than this!

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