Friday, August 19, 2011

Fabulous Review for Severance

As Merrylee over at promised, she's read and posted a review of Severance after reading and loving Sanctuary.
This review easily has the best compliments I have ever gotten in terms of my writing:
"Ms. Anastasi has that rare ability to draw a reader to the heart of a character's emotions and insecurities that so many authors wish they possessed. Her main characters are real, likeable, and easy to care about, and her sex scenes – better described as love scenes – are near poetry, they're so beautifully and eloquently written."
Read the full review here:

You know, I'm always complaining to my critique partner how hard I find writing sex scenes. I think it stems from the fact that I obsess over them because I don't want them to be just another sex scene in another book. I want them to be the physical expression of love between my characters that I see them to be. And that doesn't make for easy writing! Its heartening to know that, at least with this reader, I'm hitting my mark. 
I've been having trouble concentrating today, but I've been working on Savior, the novella which will be coming out for the blog tour in November. I've managed to do 2000 words, but know I could have done more if I were being more productive (and not checking facebook and twitter every other minute). Thinking I might have too much story to fit into the 5000 words left I have to work with. Oh well, we'll see what happens!

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