Monday, August 15, 2011

Conference Wrap Up

The weekend is all finished and its back to real life.
Saturday I think my brain had overloaded and went off line. I'm completely serious people! As a result, by the time I got to my pitch with Kristin at 5pm on Saturday, I had nothing coherent to say. It didn't go as well as my pitch with Erika the day before. Still, Kristin requested to see the first three chaps and a query letter of The Last Shadow, which I'll be sending off sometime soon. I've already sent the requested material to Avon, so now all I can do is wait and see how that turns out.
I still can't believe how completely draining the weekend was. You wouldn't think sitting around listening to other people talk, or lounging somewhere in the Hilton drinking coffee and talking biz would be so exhausting. I'm already saving and making plans for next year on the Gold Coast. Though, I'm not going to aim for the whole weekend next time, maybe just Saturday and Sunday. With any luck, by then I won't need to be pitching or anything!
Got some good freebies and won myself some books. All in all, it was well worth the stress and nerves leading up to it. I only hope next year I can be more relaxed about things. But, knowing me, I probably won't be!


Kez said...

Jess,I was really hoping to meet you at conference but didn't find you amongst the 350 others! Hope the requests get snapped up. See you at gold coast :)

Jess Anastasi said...

Kez, I know. I was searching for familiar names and it wasn't until almost the end I realized I hadn't seen you. Will def make plans to meet at the Gold Coast and yes, here's hoping my requests get me somewhere!

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