Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Science Fiction Romance, The Next Big Thing?

You all know I've been chasing dreams of glory with my sci-fi romance manuscript, Atrophy. I've been hoping that the next massive trend would be sci-fi since the whole vampire craze might at last be waning. Well, maybe I was on to something.
Over at the Sci-Fi Romance Brigade blog, Laurie Green posted the latest news from the Romance Writers America national conference. It seems the way might be opening for sci-fi/futuristic/apocalyptic to be The Next Big Thing.
This news is a double edge sword for me. On one hand, great! My sales of Sanctuary and Severance are going along steadily enough, and obviously I'm hoping to see a rise in sales when Singularity comes out. And even better, maybe I will be able to sell Atrophy.
Except, I spent most of last year querying Atrophy, so the number of agents I could now contact about it are probably limited. Its frustrating that I may have hit too early. Some of the agents who rejected me said the manuscript fell right between sci-fi and romance, so they didn't know where it would fit on a bookshelf, but that I should write something else and send that to them.
Certain Publisher still hasn't gotten back to me and I feel maybe its time I stopped sitting here waiting and considered my options with agents again. I'm going to do a bit of searching and see about putting some queries together.
But, I'm lagging a bit on my word count aims for the fourth Sanctuary book, so I should probably do that first!
In closing, I just have to say that I would be elated if sci-fi romance becomes the next big trend. Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

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