Monday, July 4, 2011

Great Review for Sanctuary

It makes my job so much easier when I get fabulous reviews like this latest one for Sanctuary:

"I'm not a big fan of Angel stories, but the Sci-Fi aspect of Sanctuary attracted my interest and then the unique new slant Jess Anastasi has given to both the End Time scenario and the fight between Angels and Demons kept me turning pages as fast as I could read them."
"This short novella has just about everything you want in a book: a fast-paced plot with crisp writing, a few unexpected surprises, and interesting characters whose angst quickly invests the reader in their plight."

To read the review in full, visit here: Two Lips Reviews.

I'm looking forward to seeing the reviewer's thoughts on Severance, which she is going to read and review next. I only hope she enjoys it as much!
I guess some days I get so caught up in the work aspect of things -- getting the words down on the page, then making sure they actually make sense, then editing until the manuscript resembles something people might actually want to read, then editing it again over and over with my editor until its as good as its going to get and we can put the book out in the world -- yeah, its easy to forget on the other end of that, people out there are reading it for the enjoyment. They don't see the nuts and bolts like I do, they get to sit down and read it with no strings attached and hopefully come away feeling like it was worth their time.
Every so often, I'm reminded that's why I do this job.

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Kez said...

Great review Jess!

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