Monday, July 18, 2011

Exciting Conference News!

As I said in my previous post, I had missed out on pitch appointments because I registered late. However, I'm very excited to share that I found out last night I now have an appointment with Kristin Nelson, as there was a cancellation in her schedule. I almost fainted when I read the email! In my world, this is like being told I've got the chance to meet Nicole Kidman or something, seriously, it's that huge to me. I plan on pitching my Shadow Hunter novel, so obviously I have some work to do to get it finished - 3500 words a day as a matter of fact. But, if I put my other projects aside and focus solely on Nathan and Tessa's story, I have every confidence I'll get it finished in time.
I may also be getting an appointment with Erika Tsang from Avon. This is where things get a bit cloudy. I really want to pitch Atrophy, my sci-fi romance to her. Now, I know that Avon have never published a science fiction romance before. But, I really think it could be an up and coming genre. I'm going to discuss some facts with them (yes, this could all go horribly wrong).
Other authors with other publishing houses: Sherrilyn Kenyon's League series, published by Hachette UK's Piatkus imprint became a New York Times bestseller. Okay, we all know it was her name that was the driving factor in that, but it proves the right author can put a sci-fi romance at the top of the best seller's lists. Again, Piatkus have JD Robb's In Death series hitting the bestsellers lists. Its not hardcore sci-fi, but it does have a fair bit of technological advancements in it. Harlequin have been publishing Susan Grant's sci-fi romance under their HQN imprint for years and she has become a national best seller. Linnea Sinclair is published through Random House's Bantam imprint and has been nominated for a RITA. Jess Granger is an up and coming sci-fi romance author (who I think will do quite well) published with Berkley. And Avon have published Joss Ware's futuristic, post-apocalyptic romance series. Surely when other publishing houses are getting into this genre, and considering Avon are already half way there with a futuristic series, a sci-fi romance with the Avon imprint wouldn't be such a stretch?
If I get to sit down in front of Erika Tsang, those will be my arguments. And of course, I'll tell her a bit about Atrophy as well.
But right now, I have those 3500 words I need to get written, so I should get on with that!


Tez Miller said...

Fabulous! Kristin Nelson reps Sara Creasy, and I really like SONG OF SCARABAEUS. And Marianne Mancusi's MOONGAZER (which is amazing) and RAZOR GIRL (which is pretty good). Fingers crossed.

Hmm, Eos published two sci-fi romances by Katherine Allred, and I liked the first one, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS.

Kez said...

Good luck with your pitches Jess - that's a fantastic opportunity!

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