Monday, July 25, 2011

Blogging AWOL

I'm here to tell you that I doubt I'll be blogging much in the weeks leading up to the conference. I can also confirm that I did get an appointment with Erika Tsang from Avon, so there's some more excitement. I'm seeing both her and Kristin Nelson on the Friday.
As you can see by my wordcount meter, I'm almost halfway through writing the Shadow Hunter novel I plan on pitching. I've got 17 days to go (eeep!) but I've been keeping up pretty well with my 3500 words a day aim. Although, I may well be brain dead by the time the conference rolls around from getting out this many words in such a short amount of time.
In other news, I've at last caught up and brought myself an e-reader. I just got a generic brand that takes Adobe PDF files, because that's the format all the e-books I have on my computer are in. Now that I've gotten one, I'm actually pretty enthusiastic about it. There are still authors whose books I would rather buy and read in print format, but I think at least half my purchases now might end up being in e-book. Its much cheaper!
Right, obviously I have 3500 words to pound out today, so I should get to that... ow, my fingers are aching.

1 comment:

Tez Miller said...

Ooh, I want a generic reader that opens PDFs - just what I need, and probably at a decent price. What's yours, from where did you buy it, and how much did it cost?

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