Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guest Author Chris Redding

Today we have with us Chris Redding, a romantic suspense author who used to be an EMT and has a volunteer firefighter for a husband. Sounds like she's got plenty of fodder for story ideas! Let's get to know her a bit better...
Welcome! Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about who you are.
I’m Chris Redding, author of three published books and a fourth to be out in July. I live in New Jersey with my one husband, two kids, one dog and three rabbits. Please tell us a bit about your book. Incendiary is a romantic suspense. It takes place in New Jersey. A firefighter is accused of arson and he must track down the real arsonist before anyone gets hurt. He enlists the aid of his ex-girlfriend who is having her own troubles. They have to figure out how to put the past behind them so they can work together.

What was the motivation/idea behind this book/these characters?
It all started with an idea from someone else. The posited, what if the arsonist was the police photographer. In an serial arsons, police photographers take photos of the crowd to see if anyone is in all the pictures. If the photographer was the arsonist, you wouldn’t see him. I proposed that if it was someone who fought fires the police wouldn’t think anything of seeing that person in the photos.

Did you enjoy writing this book, or did you have some tough times with it?
I really enjoyed the book. I have a special place in my heart for firefighters. You can have your cowboys and police officers. Give me a guy in turnout gear who knows how to use tools and I’m mush. Of course I am married to a volunteer firefighter. This made the research easy.

When / Where / How do you write?
Sadly I have to write around a day job. Usually I write in the morning. I have a laptop so I write wherever I want in the house. In terms of how, I am a panster. No plotting for me. Just push off down that ski hill and hope you make it to the bottom.

Do you have some other qualification/interest/something else you do besides being a writer?
Not sure if it is interesting, but I was an EMT for 6 years. I’ve also been an American Heart Association CPR Instructor for 17 years. My day job is to help run the local training center for my boss.

What book/s are you reading at the moment?
The Secret Life of Bryan by Lori Foster.

Do you have any authors who were your inspiration/hero?
Lisa Gardner. I met her at a conference once and she was fabulous. I really love her writing.

What are you working on right now?
A new writing workshop. That’s all I’ll say. After that it will be a middle grad novel.

Do you have any other books out you'd like to mention? Corpse Whisperer is a paranormal romantic suspense. The Drinking Game is a romantic suspense and Confessions Volume One are three short stories.

Is there something I haven't asked that you'd like to tell us?
Buy my books?

Where you can find Chris:

Buy Links: Incendiary: The Drinking Game Corpse Whisperer

Blurb for Incendiary: Chelsea James, captain of her local first aid squad, is trying to keep the organization afloat, but someone is sabotaging her. The squad is her father’s legacy and she feels responsible to keep it going. Jake Sweeney, back in town after a decade, is investigating the arsons he was accused of long ago. When they start again Chelsea and Jake must join forces to defeat their mutual enemy. Jake would like to rekindle what they had before he left town, but his departure left Chelsea hurt and bewildered. To begin again, she must learn to trust him. Her life could depend on it.

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