Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another Fantastic Review for Dead Reality

I've had a hard weekend. Its been one of those rare times when I momentarily asked myself if I'll ever get the hang of this whole writing gig. If there's one thing I've learned about this industry, its that you constantly take a step forward, only to take two or three steps back again.
But it's funny how one email can change everything, remind you why you're doing what you're doing, remind you why you go through the stress, why you work on the weekends and at night when everyone else has gone to bed.
I'm happy to share yet another great review for Dead Reality, featured over at the Long and Short Romance Reviews blog. Its great to see that so far, even though the reviews have been worded differently, they're all saying basically the same thing: that sexual tension, suspense, action and plot flow are all working well, creating a page turner that's hard to put down.
Though I love my angels/demons series, I know sci-fi isn't for everyone and it probably won't reach as wide an audience as my romantic suspense will. So if I can make a bit of a name for myself as a suspense author, I'll be more than happy.
Here's what the reviewer said:

She’s an FBI agent, so is he. And he’s her new supervisor. He’s also very, very handsome.

Ms. Anastasi sets up a very fast-paced plot with lots of action and suspense. Both her lead characters are strong loners who do their jobs very well and are job smart. She sprinkles in odd characters to make the story more interesting, and even those characters can be deadly. You find yourself turning the pages quickly to see what will happen next.

The attraction between the two FBI agents is immediate. The author uses that as one more complication in this tale of trying to nail a sexual predator. The danger equation is high; more than one person wants to hurt Ella. Throw in a sexual relationship between the two FBI agents and the tension just ratchets up to another level. They try to stay away from each other so they can work on the case efficiently but the danger to Ella is real and Bryce can’t be too far away and still protect her.

I found the plot plausible, well laid out, and Ms. Anastasi’s writing style flows well. The story line sticks together well, you can feel the tension and danger, and she keeps you wondering if the Lord is really the killer or not…

I also enjoyed watching the two lead characters find out that love was stronger than the barriers they’d set up in their lives. The story is “R” rated, but the sex scenes don’t overwhelm the story. If you like a good mystery with romance, this book is for you.

And here's the link if you'd like to go see it in it's natural environment:

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