Saturday, February 26, 2011

All Round Update

I've had a busy few weeks and have been totally slacking off on the whole blog scene, so lucky I've been featuring guest authors to keep you all entertained!
I at last managed to get back past the halfway point with Ric and Madi's story since I started the re-write, so I'm hoping in another few weeks I should have it finished and submitted. Since I wrote 5000 words yesterday, I'm thinking this book will be wrapped up sooner rather than later. I'm looking forward to starting the third book in my Sanctuary series.
Dead Reality got a lovely reader review on Goodreads and yesterday I added Severance to the site.
In other, more vague news, I've had a couple of requests in the last few weeks. I won't go into any detail, because I'd like to see if anything comes of them first. One was for Atrophy, and if I manage to get anywhere with this submission, it would literally be a dream come true.
The other was for a young adult dystopian type story I wrote about eighteen months ago, titled First Dark. Again, it would be an absolute dream if anything comes out of it.
It'll likely be weeks, if not months before I hear back, so lucky I've got plenty to keep me occupied. Ric and Madi have some serious issues that need resolving, plus Marc and Charmeine are getting impatient for me to get back to the Sanctuary universe.
So, that's where things are at. This week I have Kiki Howell, so pop back on Wednesday if you'd like to know more about her mystical, sexy stories.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention. Yes, I have changed my blog style again. I felt like while all those books in the background were appropriate, they were looking a bit too busy, so have gone for something a little more simple. I'm still on the fence about whether I like it, but I think it looks cleaner.


Tez Miller said...

Young adult dystopian? THIS IS RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS! :-)

Jess Anastasi said...

Hey Tez,
LOL I'm glad you're interested in my YA... now if only the person I've submitted it to would be so excited, I'd be set!

Suzanne Brandyn said...

HI Jess,

I like the blog background. You're a little like me, but a change is good now and again. lol

All the best with your submissions. Perserverence is what they say pays off. Here's to it. :)
Suzanne :)

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