Monday, January 10, 2011

Contest Winner!

The winner of a pre-release copy of Dead Reality from the comp held over at HC Brown's blog was Jen B. Jen, I need you to get in contact with me! I'm giving it a few more days, then I might have to do a re-draw.
In other news, Dead Reality comes out today. Hooray! Will be interested to see how this one goes, whether a straight rom sus will be more popular than my angles-and-demons-in-spaceships idea.
After a week of doing no writing, I at last got back into Nick and Madi's story today. I've written about 400 words so far, but would like to get at least 2000 done a day from here on out to make up for the week I lost. The sooner I get it finished, the sooner I can submit it and start working on Marc and Charmeine's story. I always seem to be looking ahead. Suppose that's better than looking back though!
Don't forget to check back on Wednesday for my first author interview featuring Marie-Nicole Ryan.
I'm going to be featured on the blog of Rachel Haimowitz, a M/M erotic romance author, this week. Find me there on Thursday telling the story of how Dead Reality came together.
I think that's it for now. Better get back to my WIP since I left Nick shot and bleeding in the middle of a forest. I'm so mean to my characters!

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