Thursday, December 23, 2010

Round Up Before Christmas

I'm very excited to say my book is now available places like and on kindle. Its the weirdest feeling to see my little ol' book up there next to the likes of Cheryl Brooks (I checked out and apparently customers who bought my book also bought some of her Catstar Chronicles. I was stoked about that, love that series).
In writing news, I'm just about to start chapter three of a new rom sus I've started working on. It's untitled at the moment, so I should probably do something about that before I finish it!
I find myself in new territory, because these characters have 'history'. They haven't seen each other for years and the last time they did, the hero had been involved in a life-changing accident. When they meet up again, they are both different people, but have a shared past. So its been an interesting challenge trying to balance a good mix of past and present without going over board on info-dumping. I think initially I did put too much past info in there, so I've had to go back and chop some out. But hopefully once its written and edited, I'll get the mix right and end up with a good story.
Instead of hanging around here talking about it, I should get writing. I left my hero, Nick, standing around in a towel and nothing else!

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